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    Is there a way I could use something like the mob-cloner from the Custom NPCs mod to place the masters like Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Roshi etc. somewhere besides their starting locations? Usually if I try to spawn them, they despawn immediately.

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    If you are spawning them using the Custom NPCs mob-cloner then they shouldn’t be despawning.
    I’m not sure what could be causing this but if you have safe-zones enabled you could try disabling them to see if that does something, I doubt it but it’s worth trying.

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      Sadly I have disabled the safe zones, and to no avail. I should mention I also have tried enabling and disabling checking for npc spawning (I’m not sure if you know which config I’m talking about, but it should check if masters have spawned correctly) and if the setting is off it at least allows me to spawn King Kai, but no one else.

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      Ah my apologies, I found out the problem, the masters need to be spawned no less than 2 blocks away from another master. Where I was trying to put them, they were all standing next to each other (or they were supposed to anyway). Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this can help out someone in the future.

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