How to disable TP Sharing while in Group?

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      So, in the config of my server, when my friend reaches 25 Mind that is the amount of mind to increase the TP Gain, it starts to share all of the tp with my friend, i don’t know how to disable, but, it’s just getting overpowered in grinding.


      # Server Sided! Based on Mind Attribute increase. With every ‘configured amount’ in Mind attribute the TP gain will increase by 1 OR with the amount configured at ‘Training Point Gain – TP amount gained’. Rate can be from 1 to 10000 (default: 200)
      I:”Training Point Gain – ‘TP gain / melee’ rate”=25

      # Server Sided! Tp gain can be, from 1 to 100. (default: 1)
      I:”Training Point Gain – TP amount gained”=2

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