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      I know that after the fight that was in the forum and with so many people who have requested this transformation (Jin already said he is working on it), it is unpleasant to keep watching posts about the Ultra Instinct, but these posts do not explain how it should work this transformation in the mod. And that’s what this post is about, how the Ultra Instinct should work in DBC (In my opinion).

      How is it acquired?
      It would be a skill taught by King Kai (Or Whis if Jin adds the NPC) and it would have two levels.

      How to work
      This skill only works when you already have the God Form skill, it would be a passive skill, that is, it would not be possible to transform at will, when the player has 10% of his health bar or less, it would be automatically transformed into the Ultra Instinct Sign form. It would be necessary to have already transformed once before to be able to update the skill to level 2, in level 2 the skill would work the same, only now, being in the Ultra Instinct Sign form, it would be possible to ascend to the Mastered Ultra Instinct form. Having Once this is done, it would be possible to transform to the Mastered Ultra Instinct form at will without transform in the Ultra Instinct Sign form previously (Like SS4), and it would be impossible to access the Ultra Instinct Sign form again.

      This form are special

      This form must be different, so it can not simply multiply the power like the others, but it is impossible to make the character avoid the attacks as in the anime, how would it work then ?, this could be solved, that once being in one of the two forms of the Ultra Instinct would be immune to all attacks, except for the attacks of another player with one of the two forms of the Ultra Instinct. It should be noted that only would be immunity to the blows, not the Ki Blast, in addition the Ultra Instinct Sign form would have a time limit, (1 minute), both forms would have this immunity, but the Mastered Ultra Instinct form would not have limit of time and would have a higher power multiplier than the Ultra Instinct Sign form.

      This is my idea of how the Ultra Instinct could be implemented, it may seem very complicated, but I tried to make it as simple as possible and at the same time, as close to the anime as possible.
      Thanks for reading and apologizing my English for Google Translator.

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      great idea!

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      Sam Noé

      I’ve already seen everything you suggest on the forum, so while I can’t say it’s lame, I can’t say it’s good either.
      But immunity to melee damage from any player who isn’t under UI state ?
      So unless I have misunderstand, and I really hopse so…
      And ki blasts are like hella hard to land mid fight without using blasts with biblical proportions, furthermore with the sky high defense you’d block most damage, even those coming from a spiritualist Namek with max willpower under god form.

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        Take into account that it’s just a loose idea, it does not have to be that way at all, but take into account that in the game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 the UI works similarly, dodge all the hits.
        If it were as I say, having UI would put you in a new category of power in which it is only possible to be matched by other UI players.

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        Sam Noé

        The problem is that UI is intended really to be on a power level that mere mortals cannot hope to ever scratch, at least in the anime – except if they start giving it to everyone, in which case I’ll just ragequit. A power that gods themselves have difficulties mastering.
        And from what I barely recall from Imperfect UI it doesn’t seem to drain any form of energy from the user.
        Well it’s a videogame, you gotta choose between balance or sticking to the original.

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      I don’t think that damage immunity is a completely terrible idea. It can be balanced in alot of ways, for example, the damage immunity could be something that needs activation. Like, say for example, Ultra Instinct could be a passive status that grants the skill of damage negation, and so if you have the Ultra Instinct status and your starting a fight, someone might try punching you. You will take damage, but, if you hold down Z, you temporarily activate the Ultra Instinct’s damage immunity, if they continue trying to punch you, then it won’t affect you, but, you’ll quickly start to lose stamina for each punch they throw at you, and when you’re out of stamina, you won’t be able to activate damage immunity anymore.

      It’s just a suggestion, damage immunity could be interesting to see.

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        I’ve actually seen another DBZ fan game make UI. Like in this suggestion, UI let you dodge all damage for about 30secs to a minute. The catch was that once you entered UI your hp drained super fast. Without charging you could probably only keep UI for about 20-30 seconds before your ki would empty out. I think this would be a decent way to handle UI in this mod since it would allow for the form to be OP while keeping the fights balanced. Of course if ki drain doesn’t seem like a good idea then your stamina idea would be a perfect replacement.

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      Sam Noé

      Well we’ll all agree damage immunity needs wise balance, otherwise either it’s gonna be not worth it or so OP that it would litteraly the “godmode” of this mod. The idea of drain is good solution now that you guys brought it, but it depends on the said drain’s speed. Too slow and UI would be “press and hold G to win”. Too fast and it if wrongly used it’d be extremly penalizing by eating your whole ki /stamina/health bar, and even used a good way it’d be only useful for a quick finish – which is what Kaioken is meant for in DB.
      Implementing UI will be very challenging considering UI doesn’t simply bring more power to it’s user, it brings him a new way to think – not thinking at all. Just be and let things flow. Waaay different from everything we’ve ever seen in DB.

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