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      I would like to know the recipes to create ALL mod clothes if possible, to avoid taking them from creative.
      Cloths such as the Great Saiyaman, the Demon Clan, etc.
      If anyone could help me, I will thank you very much. ūüôā

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      Most clothes are craftless. For now.
      And why don’t you install NEI, JEI, Craft Guide or somethin’ like that ?

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      You can easily bypass that with custom npcs by setting up a shop. You might have to set up a few npcs to hold all the dbc clothing but you can make it where they accept any form of currency you would like to use to purchase the clothing from them. The custom npc mod already comes with it’s own money so you could use that instead. Hope that helps a little.

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      Tony Barbosa

      I just wanna now how i use instant transmission

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