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      Austen Ham

      Hey,how Do I go Ultra instinct Using Commands I kinda feel stupid trying to figure It out.

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      Ultra Instinct is a skill. To add skills, use the command “dbcskill give *skill name* and your name if you need to. You also need the godform skill to use it. Go into the action menu and enable ultra instinct. Also, since you need at least level 5 in super forms to go god, you probably need the same to go ultra instinct.

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      You need Superform level 5, and Godform level 2 for Saiyans and Half-Saiyans, and Godform level 1 for any other race.

      To enter UI you need to be below 20% health, this means you cannot use UI in creative mode.

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      Austen Ham

      thnx guys this was very helpful

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      Migatte No Titoi

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