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      I want something like a higher percentage (999,999,999% instead of 100,000%) or total removal for the limits in configs.

      Well, I simply wanted to do real SSJ multipliers but 100,000% wasn’t even enough for SSJG (Base-100% SG-200,000%)

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      I’ll have you know that there’s a limit to how high the numbers your computer can handle can be. This is a physical limit, nothing can change that.
      Without telling you the exact number, such high multi would make your game crash cuz your stats would be above that limit.
      So you’ll have to stick to more reasonable multipliers.

      Also reminder that it increases your STR but not your CON, and with such multiplier you wouldn’t even be able to punch as it would cost more than your max stamina.

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      • This reply was modified 7 months, 1 week ago by IAmRaptor.
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      Yea, I remember when with my friends we had everything maxed out and in the top of that I went ssjblue with kaioken times I think 30, It went over the numbers that it stayed on the power level of 5
      and still, I could deal some damage but when I went kaioken times 50, I couldn’t hurt anyone.
      But I can say that I had no problem with my ki and stamina.

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      i just want there to be a config option to stop old kai unlock from losing levels over time

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