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    I am doing virtually no damage to vanilla mobs in dbc, only 1 dmg per hit no matter what techique it is (ki attacks only).
    Plz, HELPZ

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    Sam Noé

    We’re gonna need you to bring a bit more details to the table in order to figure this out.
    Anyway, if I get it well, your ki attacks do only 1 damage.
    Custom or not ?
    What’s your WIL ?
    Was it a direct hit or AOE damage ?
    What are the concerned mobs exactly ?
    Are you using only DBC ? Plugins ? Mods that could affect vanilla mobs only ?
    See, we need clues.

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    Both custom and taught (by masters) do one damage, WIL is 500, direct hit, to all vanilla mobs and only other mod is naruto anime mod, which only affects dbc skins.

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    Fixxed it! Thanks!!!

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