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      Hello friends, as you know, there are special form plugins made for dragon block c mode on the internet, but they are not open to the public and you cannot use them as you wish, you can use all forms only if you play games. Since you can reach the server and top levels where the plug-in is located, it is not possible to instantly turn into the form you want via the command. . I think a plugin called (Kosmiccore) that you can use as you wish and add any forms you want was sold for money, but is no longer sold (at least all links on the internet have been deleted or broken). Many people some forms that are not in dragon block c mode and are unlikely to be added in the near future wants transform (Ikari, God of Destruction, OmniSaiyan, ssj5 and much more). No matter how much you search the internet, you won’t find a fully working customforms plug right now (for example, the damage multiplier doesn’t work even though I use the kosmiccore demo plugin on the thermos server, so you’re changing your form but your power isn’t increasing, it’s really annoying) but the open source codes of the kosmiccoredemo plug shared and this plugin This means we can edit / improve it. So I decided, I started learning java coding (I was just passionate about it) and I want to develop this plugin and make a custom form plugin that EVERYONE can use for FREE. But as you know, Java is not easy to learn and I cannot do this plugin alone. PLEASE HELP, have any coding knowledge about java, know about these plugins, understand what I said and you can contribute to the solution of the problem or in any way. Or someone who knows how to make a plugin help me. Now let’s add the forms we want to this mode, PLEASE READ AND DON’T GO, I started learning java coding and it is not possible to do this plugin alone. So I leave the discord group link I created here so that we can make this plugin together. If you want to help, just say [Hello I (your name) I want to help you.] In the Application section. After that, you will be contacted and given moderator authority.
      Discord Group link:
      note:please help me 😀

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      Sorry, This project finished before it could begin ….

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      To do this you need to know very good java coding and it is not easy at all, I cannot do this plugin alone and it is very difficult to find a person who will help me and even if there were such a person, he would probably make his own plugin and would not share it with anyone.
      I mean, these kinds of people really are one in a million. For example, as you already know, a plugin maker named [Super] has such a plugin and I would think that it works almost smoothly, but the defense system does not work and the more you get stronger. Even so the same damage you get because your form does not increase the defense, and you will be killed even by a very weak npc. The legendary person who made this plugin stopped updating this plugin 2 years ago. He said he came back a year ago, but he still did not make any updates.
      I leave the link of the Discord server here for you to browse:
      Please take a look at the plugin-suggestion section. AlperenProezen is me.

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      was it supers custom forms? if so ive got a post on here somewhere that gave the links and directions to make that one work.

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