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      I want to get this off my mind into a forum before I forget, I also want to state: I in no shape or form am asking for this to be added because the other mods are more important.

      Now if you excuse me, *Ahem*.

      One Piece Mod.

      In the selection menu all you should be able to selected is Race, Allegiance, and character features.

      Race: Human, Fishmen, Giant, And many other that I wont name because there would only need to be a basic 3 at the beginning.

      Allegiance: Pirate, Navy, and Revolutionary.

      I think after selecting these things you’re done, you can do what you want.

      Devil Fruits!
      I will use the Gum-Gum Fruit as my example.
      Whenever you eat a Devil Fruit you get a “Form” in V menu, It’ll say “Gum-Gum User” Instead of “Base”.
      And after eating a Devil Fruit you get a set of racial abilities that you can upgrade to your will through training.

      If you upgrade your mind to a certain point you’ll get a Skill called “Haki Lvl 1”.
      When you upgrade it to certain levels you’ll get another skill for it, Like at level 3 for example you could get Armament Hardening or at level 5 you get Observation Haki!

      Now for the last thing I want to talk about with this, like Legendary status from DBC, I think there should be a chance that a user can spawn with “Conquerer’s Haki” or given to you as a status effect, and you can change in configs How many people can have it and etc.

      That’s all I wanted to mention for now, Thanks for reading ūüėÄ !

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      Not bad, but there IS. A one piece mod out already called mine mine no mi.

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        Kind of a bad mod though honestly.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      yes but…IF jin do a one piece mod too be cool.And another idea:a bounty hunter allegiance.And for get devil fruits will be 2 options:be at the sea (will sspawn like dragon blocks) or get at a ship.If u eat a devil fruit u dont will can swim,so,if u press space when u are at water dont will work.

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      Bounty Hunters are a lot smaller in numbers to the other 3 in the show, it’s more so a job than an allegiance. Devil Fruits would probably spawn on ships in the ocean or something. and yes you wouldn’t be able to swim out of the water with it active. If you eat a second fruit you die.

      And correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I saw Crimson make a mod poll wayyy back, and a One Piece mod was one of the options.

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