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      Jesus Cano Cano

      Hello, long time no visiting and long time vacation,

      First off, I apogalice if I’m doing a double post, i just finish cheking my last activity and post of the last 2 years looking for the healing items of other mods and vanilla to work whit healt system of dragon block c, i barely remember where i post, if here or in discrod, and it’s been a long time, anyway just want suggest (and again i sorry, but i really really dont remember where i write about this) the ability to use minecraft vanilla healing heart system, like healing potions, or other vanilla healing mechanic of other mods, like health packs (health packs mod), instead of having to resort to just eat eat eat, senzu and healing water, of course, this healing items sould not health like a senzu(heals all). For example healing potions from vanilla if my memory serves me well, they heal 0.5 hearts every 20 tics(1s), so they sould restore 5 dragonblock hp per 1s(20 tics), health packs for example, the normal one heals 5 hearts, so its should restore like 50 hp of dragonblock, or can be dones in %, like food, but just restore hp, no ki, no action time, (blue bar and yellow bar).

      I finallly convice some of my friends to play whit me in a server i have mentioned severals times in the past, And i have a really really old version of this mod, i will update once they have installed the game, forge and mods, i just dont want to rezip the mods folder and config folder, until i see all work, also despite the versions numbers i see the mod have, i think this is still for 1.7.10, I m right? I want to update and i will do, once we all have all configured and working.

      Thanks you all, and specials thanks to you Ben, for keep this great mod still alive, and for all that people who actively helps to keep this mod.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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