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    great ape and golden great ape has a bug where if you were to turn great ape your first person perspective is still your base form but your character is still taller this a problem because combat while in great ape is nearly impossible since great ape fights as if you are bigger but in first person you are still the same size you basically have to duck down and attack in order to fight anything even if they are in the sky

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    Sam Noé

    This is not a bug, this is a default that’s been here ever since Oozaru was added: to put it simple, your character isn’t given a longer reach to compensate his bigger hitbox, so that you can’t attack far enough to hit a target you could have hit if you were in base form.

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      i knew about your character not given a longer range for attacks but what i’m complaining about is how in third person great ape you are taller but in first person you are appear to be the normal size and the only way i can hit a mob or anything is i have to look down at the ground which is a bit frustrating jin had it so you grow in third person and so you know where your fist is in great ape form you will see what i mean if you turn great ape but thanks for the response

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    i apologize this is not a bug it seems to be a problem with the shaders mod

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