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      I’ve been trying to find good configs to use in singleplayer DBC, since it is wayyyyyyyy too grindy to play with default configs, does anyone have good ones? Or maybe one with some side-missions to help with grinding.

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      I agree completely, I find the game very grindy at the moment. There is a guy who made a completely new story with side quests, training missions, and his own configs that I used to like to use, but the mod has been updated a lot since then. You can find the stuff here
      My recommendation is to download it, look at the configs he has and take inspiration and edit yours as you see fit (don’t directly copy and overwrite because it no longer has all the configs the mod needs)
      Don’t use his main story files, but use the side missions and training ones. Hope this helps

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      If you want to make the game less grindy, i recommend changing the mind requirements for skills to make them the lowest value they can be, changing the tp gain to something higher, and lowering the mind tp upgrade requirement to something lower would absolutely make the grind almost non existent

Viewing 2 reply threads
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