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      Have i been the only one to think that there should be done something about the golden Apples and the Notch Apples? because right now they do no more than heal up the same amount of health normal apples do, so maybe you could put in a regeneration feature so that the health regenerates as long as you have the effect regeneration, perhaps even give us some extra effects on the stats as long as it lasts and make a additional config file for it?
      what do you guys think about the idea?

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      good idea.

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      When you have full instant easy to obtain healing in the form of senzu, it feels pointless, and yes I know the advantages of HoT over instant Heal. But why not after all, even though it isn’t a priority as of now and I’d rather new items for HoT rather than trying to tweak the vanilla features which could easily be a source of problems.
      Although I don’t think stat buffs would be necessary, first healing is already nice enough, second that would make people just make gold farms all over the nether, and while the nether isn’t important in this mod, that would just make things even more grindy

Viewing 2 reply threads
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