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    Hey everyone, I’ve decided to write a new post, this time talking about a possible godform level revamp, in which I’ll talk about everything the levels would do to all races. This one’s quite long and a doozy to explain, so without further ado, let’s begin.

    God ki
    Similar to the show, players that do not have the skill will be unable to sense any Godforms using ki sense, with the exception from the SSG status.

    The skill itself
    To start things off, I’d say the skill’s tutor should eventually be moved to Whis, and, possibly, a Zamasu tutor for evil players. Godform should be the most expensive skill in the game (besides a possible Ultra Instinct skill) and should have 5 levels. That’s right, 5. Depending on your race, each level will give you a certain benefit, so, let’s see what that benefit would be, shall we?

    Let’s get the big one out of the way, saiyans. We know ’em, we love ’em. And we all want our sick blue hair to have a rocking awesome aura.

    Godform level 1– Super Saiyan God

    Godform level 2– Super Saiyan Blue / Super Saiyan Rose, these two stay the same.

    Godform level 3– Super Saiyan Blue / Super Saiyan Rose to Super Saiyan God, basically, the saiyan can now transform back to Super Saiyan God while in Super Saiyan Blue, and vice versa, this can now also be done while the saiyan is moving.

    Godform level 4– Mastered Super Saiyan Blue / Mastered Super Saiyan Rose, makes SSB/SSR drain less.

    Godform level 5– Super Saiyan Blue Evolution (SSGSSE), that’s right, only Super Saiyan Blue. This form is good-exclusive, you can hop into this form by going into Super Saiyan Blue directly from the action menu, instead of going to Super Saiyan Blue from ascending from Super Saiyan God.

    Here's a chart of all the forms.

    Namekians and Humans
    Just like always, these two classic races share their godform tree. While these two normally are rejected by the playerbase, they can really kick butt, so their ultimate forms must kick butt too, naturally!

    Godform Level 1– Red Eyes Human/Namekian

    Godform Level 2– Blue Eyes Human/Namekian

    Godform Level 3– Power increase to Red and Blue eyes forms, similar to that of Full Release, Giant, and Buff forms.

    Godform Level 4– Mastered Blue Eyes Human/Namekian

    Here's another chart so you may see the evolution scale

    Unfortunately for their enemies, they’re far from their final form.

    Godform Level 1-True Ultimate Form, gives them a power boost to their ultimate form, no god ki.

    Godform Level 2– Gives them more PP, as well as gives all of the Arcosian’s forms from their base form and beyond god ki.

    Godform Level 3 -Definitive Form, fully customizeable form in color and appearance (the player can choose from all of their previous forms which they’d like to customize), at default it looks like a red eyes form.

    Godform Level 4-Mastered Definitive Form

    And this is their scale!

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    amazing a big support

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    Henry bushard

    i like the idea except for the good exclusive ssgsse as first of it wuld make it kinda unfair second off i dont even think thats possible cause jin has made it so that if your evil your colour change to rose and if your good blue so it can’t work eve if it did then there would have to be 2 skills one that only goes to lvl 4 and one that goes to lvl 5 which would mkae everything else harder fr jin as with this suggestion jin already needs to add 3 more lvls to the god form skill then make an new one with only 4 that only evil people can have thats 7 new lvls which would take alot of time

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    Basically, the main reason why SSGSSE is Good exclusive is so players have two options here.
    You either:
    a) Get Majin, get an overall power boost to all your forms
    b) Get SSGSSE, and get a stronger final form.

    Instead of merely “cloning” Majin or SSGSSE, I’d say this system promotes variety and different playstyles, thus, being more healthy to the community in the long run.

    Also, I don’t really get what you mean later down the road, it’s not like your hair turns pink in Blue when you go Rose, Rose and Blue are two different coded forms that share the same root transformation. Also, I never said evils can’t get level 5 godform, they just won’t be able to use SSGSSE.

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    Support, damnit.
    Also, to the guy who said it ain’t possible:
    Like how Jin made a toggle between SSB/SSR based on alignment, he could add a further toggle, which does nothing for evil but if you’re good you go SSGSSE instead.
    Overall, great post, Poke, giving all the races an opportunity to shine.
    I’d give a 10/10 for overall presentation, thought, effort, grammar and overall thoughtfulness, giving great ideas but not leaving anyone behind.

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    Sam Noé

    Never seen this much tags on a post lmao.
    Anyway, another goddamn good post, from you it’s to be expected anyway.
    Still I keep dreaming that one day Namekians/Humans will have exclusive features for their god forms rather than a generic evolution tree.
    Otherwise, nothing to add or remove or change, everything is perfectly thought.

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    Thanks, much appreciated! ^-^

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    Well damn! Somebody give this guy a medal, because he has amazing idea’s!

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    Mauricio Cândido

    I completely Agree.
    If it wouldn’t take a lot of time, i would like to see that implemented.

    I don’t really agree with SSB Mastered but whatever,

    I like this idea really much

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