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      Hello guys, today I will present you the [God of Destruction] idea that I have in mind, with pictures. This way I hope it will be more understandable.

      1#I think we can use the 2D purple aura used by beerus (npc) right now when it transforms into the god of destruction form, but it’s a bit pale and has little detail, so I’d like you to see a bit with photoshop.
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMqr3I.jpg
      +Remember, WE will use the 2D aura: D
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMrkS6.png

      2#Of course, hakai for the form of the god of destruction is inevitable. Without this, it makes no sense to be the god of ruin. But we can produce purple ki blast anyway, so I think we can produce a more purple color specific to the hakai technique.
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMqQ6D.png

      3#Of course, the hakai technique should only be specific to the god of destruction form, so we should be able to use this technique only when it becomes the god of destruction. So it would be very healthy to see an extra slot for the hakai technique on the right side of the screen when it turns into the form of the god of destruction.
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMrJM5.jpg

      4#Of course, since the hakai technique consists of pure energy (Frieza saying said this after blocking the hakai ball thrown at him), he must deal more damage than normal, even if it is the same amount as the normal ki technique, and this must be. Or not make sense.
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMv3GD.jpg

      5#And of course, when we transform into this form, the appearance of our character in the game should change. I think the most logical thing is: a ton more purple skin color should be added as we transformed into kaioken like(only a small tone should be added, not exaggerated), our eyes MUST be absolutely purple like Toppo’s eyes (only eye color, not whites next to it: D) and a special aura pattern should be added.
      Example picture =) https://pasteboard.co/JCMxHab.jpg
      And video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ3RluqP26Q
      !HEY!! Remember, the form in this video is a plugin, so this form is normally not available in this DRAGON BLOCK C MOD.
      +Please see all the pictures, I really tired for you to understand 😀

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      Golden Dragon

      For my is very cool idea and this is good to add 🙂

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      This would be one of the best idea for the GoD form/status i think, but it needs a way to be obtained so i thought about something :
      first we’ll need to beat the 1st DBS saga with Beerus to unlock the tp to Beerus’s planet with the space pod; then there will be Whis waiting for us for a maybe special training to be a GoD disciple and after a X numbers (can be changed in the config files) of any type of training i dunno, we’re finally a true God of Destruction.
      Now i think that the “GoD disciple” and the “True GoD” would be a good addition too so and not just a GoD form (as for an Angel status too but i’ll talk about it later) :
      -the GoD disciple : so the GoD disciple can access to the GoD form for a limited time only like X seconds per minecraft day (can be changed in configs) and so the hakai technique would be available only while the form is on, but you can’t get any other form with the GoD form;
      -the True GoD : the true GoD is on a permanent boost wich is more a status that allows the player to also transform(ex: super saiyan) with the GoD boost and have so a permanent access to the hakai technique too.
      There can be only 1 GoD in a server (can be changed in the configs) + 1 disciple, and when of when you die you would lose your GoD status and so the disciple will become the next true GoD if he already finished all of his trainings, but if there is a god of destruction, why not an angel player ?
      The angel could be available only if the True GoD status is obtained first by someone by talking to Whis or it could be obtained by an op perms command only when the other method is deactivated in the config files. But what can an angel player do ?
      The angel player can transport any other player or himself to every planet he wants like Namek, he can revert back time making every KO get up or dead player who died within 20s(can be changed in configs) revive(this can be deactivated too) but I don’t think this will be added cuz it looks kinda to hard to make :\ so the angel can maybe just revive any dead player he wants in a “GUI” with a cooldown of X seconds of course.
      I’ll just let this here and debates if there should things that can be added or should be removed/changed and let’s hope it can be added one day 😀

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        Sounds interesting, i like it!

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