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      i have one idea for god of destruction form like toppo in the anime and how to obtain it

      i saw beerus is one boss / mob that you can spawn with commands / probably at the moment
      and i was thinking to make beerus one useful mob in the mod for the saga and the destruction form that you can activate on every form like kaioken in the mod
      my idea how to get it = beat beerus and you get it…. and how to go to beerus the saga sistem

      its just one suggestion to make beerus useful in the mod 😛

      i hope i didn’t wasted your time

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      That or you could make it like mystic except any alignment could have it, and instead it could be taught as a skill, I know that’s boring but getting it for beating beerus wouldn’t make much sense.
      You could also make a config for how many people could have said skill, so not everyone will be running around as a G.o.D.

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      Here’s an extent to which you’re suggesting:

      The G.O.D. form can be obtained by Whis (but for now, king Kai) it can have a base multiplier of 300, with a SSJ. Grade 2 Ki drain at level 1. The aura can be a recolored version of U.I. without the small particles. The benefits of using this would be a dangerous buff to all Ki attacks, lowering the cooldown by half, and buffing the damage to 150% of it’s usual damage. The downside is doubling the cost of the Ki moves, to balance it.
      Level 2 can buff the power to 400, and making the drain more dangerous while keeping the other buffs and downsides the same. The aura would become slightly larger. This would replace the previous version used.
      Level 3 would buff the damage to 450, keeping the drain the same as before. The ki attack buff would go from 150% to 175%, buffing the drain to SSJ Grade 3.
      Level 4 would buff damage to 500, the aura becoming larger again. This level would also lower the cooldown further, making it 40% it’s usual cooldown rate. The drain would become even heavier than it was before, as bad as SS3.
      Level 5 is the final level, the “mastered power” if you will. This form would shrink your aura back down to it’s level one size, the drain becoming equivalent to SS Grade 3.

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      Or just make non-Saiyan God form ki color purple instead of red.

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        I was thinking details, not slap a new color on a form and call it new

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        I wasn’t calling it new. Canonically no races have “god forms” the likes of Super Saiyan God. So what I’m saying is why make a whole new power-up when making the current one look like it probably should would be easier and probably better. Saiyans get Super Saiyan God and Blue, and non-Saiyans get this Destruction power. If not, we already have a form to build on and flesh out, so why make a whole new one? How about this: leveling up the godform skill for Saiyans gives them Blue Evolution, and non-Saiyans just get more power. That’s kind of like what you said.

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      a late respond but i like Ian’s idea tbh

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      Aura should dissolve energy attacks and damage whomever hits it. it should increase strentgh not power level (by much) and if opponent is at least 2x your strentgh then aura will not dissolve their energy attacks or damage them

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