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      I wanted to make this my own idea, but it was already taken: http://main.jingames.net/funday-friday-god-ki/
      Here are new ideas that i thought might work.
      *God form skill gets replaced with God Ki
      *Beerus’ Planet/Realm or Whis’ Room of Spirit and Time/God Realm will have to be added.
      *The BOG Saga will have to be added
      *After you complete the BOG saga, you will get Whis’ staff or something else which can teleport you to Beerus’ Planet.
      *You can learn God Ki from Whis instead of King Kai.

      Expansion: http://main.jingames.net/forums/topic/mastery-system/#post-41194
      *If you talk to Whis, he can teleport you to the God Realm where you can master your God Forms.
      *Mastering SSB will almost nullify the Drain of normal SS’s
      *Mastering Legendary Ki will make it compatible with God Ki.

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