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      So I’ll try to make it short, God forms shouldn’t have a SET multiplier or SET ki drain, just minimum and maximum. You may think “This is stupid!” but let me explain, I’ll be using Water Tank Formula from those videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POJba6P81b8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cy97NK8szc

      So those water tanks are representing user’s body/ki capacity, in forms like: ssj,2,3 your ki always drains, even when you’re just standing still, the stronger form, the more it drains, but God Ki works differently, because you CAN set your multiplier of this form by also setting ki drain, those taps represent you being able to use more or less power of this form so you don’t need to use full power of this form (unlike other forms). Ok I don’t know what to say more… Ummm… ok I’ll just leave it like it is 😛

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      Sam Noé

      Actually you don’t need to use full powah even in SSJ. remember when Goku/Gohan power up against Cell. They power UP, which means they weren’t at full power though being SSJ. Which means they’re aren’t doomed to go full power or stay in base, they still can control their output. Oh I’m too lazy to watch the video so I probably say shit.

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      You can do this already. Hold 2nd fn + c and voila, you’re lowering your multiplier and ki drain in any form you want (except kaioken)

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      when you’ll watch those videos then you’ll understand 😛

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