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      Here’s some of my suggestions:

      -LSS name + appearance change: Super sort of establishes that these ‘legendary’ super saiyans (i.e.: Kale, Broly) are technically Saiyan Berserkers. So I think the status name should be changed to Berserker. Also, I think the Berserkers should have a seperate transformation tree as follows: An option to tap into the Wrathful state (power of Great Ape in base form), another option to turn SS (Golden hair, but with yellow-green aura, small growth in size; You can decide whether or not you want to add the pupils or not), and after SS, a special SSFullPower (iconic Legendary Super Saiyan appearance).

      -Super Saiyan Aura Sound Change: This is already probably either suggested, or in the works but change the aura for SS to the sound used in Super.

      -Super Saiyan God Aura Sound Change: Same thing as SS sound change but using the sound used in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

      -Ki Blast Clashes: I’m sure that I speak for an overwhelming majority of Dragon Ball fans that the franchise is nothing without the super crazy KI BLAST CLASHES. PRETTY PLEASE I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS IN THE MOD.

      -Enhanced Ability to Jump Between Forms: I think we should have the ability to jump between different forms. For example, if I were Super Saiyan and I select Super Saiyan God, I should be able to jump to that form. Also, I always wanted to see the ability to revert to a certain form instead of powering all the way down.

      -Increase the Size of Great Ape & Giant Namekian Forms: I just feel like these forms should be WAAAAAAAY bigger.

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      Pretty sure it was stated before that the reason Oozaru and Giant Namekian aren’t as big as they should be is because of the game’s limit, so theres no real way to increase the size right now. I do like the LSS ideas.

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        That and if they got any bigger you would literally have to stand on top of your opponent to be able to reach them.

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        I totally forgot about that size limit when I was writing this lol I’m going to keep adding to the list since at the time of writing this I had TONS more in mind but had a massive brain fart. xD

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      size could be increased, its just that u cant hit if ur any bigger

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      Compatibility with Mo’Bends Mod or custom ‘JRMCAnimations’: I’d suggest a future separate mod that adds custom animations and movements to Naruto C and Dragon Block C, or at the very least add compatibility to work with Mo’Bends animations.

      Better Stamina/Infinite Super Dash: Basically, I think we should be able to super dash for much longer if not indefinitely.

      Concentrating Energy Effect: The attention to detail when it comes to ki blasts is great! I’d suggest to add a sort of visual effect that triggers a growing ki orb to appear whenever the player decides to use the ki blast technique.

      More Ki Blast Sound Effects: Add in the ki blast sound bits used in DBSuper and DBSuper: Broly to choose from when developing a custom ki blast technique.

      More Battle Armors: With the new customizable equipables that are being added in, I’d say to add in a customizable ancient battle armor used by Lord Chill’s men (see Episode of Bardock), a customizable ancient saiyan armor (similar to Cabba, see Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends), and the Masked Saiyan Armor.

      Ki Release Visual Effect: A small visual effect that adds the ability for a player’s aura to glow in the dark.

      Explosive Wave Super Attack: Add the explosive wave attack.

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      Mari Aquaria

      Honestly? Only one thing comes to mind right now:

      Hair dye/individual hair strand color: As it is right now, each strand of hair in DBC looks to be its own separate entity, so I feel like you should be able to either color individual strands from creation, or dye them. Kinda like how Gotenks has black hair from Goten, but purple hair from Trunks on the sides.

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