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    I was thinking about fusion and how neglected it is in singleplayer, there should be a way to use fusion in single player and I thought of two possible ideas. One you could make it possible to befriend the the saiyans on Planet Vegeta so you can fuse with them, for the Namekians on Namek it will be the same, Human mobs will be able to spawn on Earth and for Acrosians you could add a Frieza Planet Dimension with Acrosians. Second Idea(Which would take less time):If you had Fusion enabled, you could stand next to a master who is the same race as you and ascend, gaining a configurable percentage of stats, i was thinking a 25% boost. As for the masters you would fuse with: Goku for Saiyans and Half-Saiyans, Kami for Namekians, Frieza for Acrosians and for Human at the moment Master Roshi, but perhaps Krillin or Tien will be added later. Also I think fusion should be different for each race, for example Namekians should be able to maintain fusion for slightly longer, Humans could get more speed and defence from the fusion, Saiyans/Halfies could use slightly less Ki and Acrosians could have faster Ki regen.

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    Oh and sorry if this was a bit messy.

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    I wanted this so much >_<

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    This is a pretty nice idea, I say you should instead be able to just fuse with a villager if you were human. So it could take less time.

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      But really how would that work? I think it would take more work to reconfigure the villager than to just make a new mob. Like a mob with a a random power level with a configurable maximum.

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    This Idea Is Good Maybe That When Fusioning With A Villager You Would Get His Nose And You Would Get A Little Power As Villagers Aren’t Really Much. Maybe Fusioning With Other Races Would Give You Like A Different Skin So Like Freezer With A Saiyan And You Would Get Freeza With A tail?

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      Sorry Freeza With A Saiyan Tail*

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      Sam Noé

      Can’t fuse cross race boi. Not with dance.

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    This is what Im thinking for the default maximum for each race:

    Humans: 1200-2300
    Prodigy Humans: 3000-3800

    Saiyans: 1400-2400
    Elite Saiyans: 3000-4000

    Namekians: 1500-2450
    Super Nameks: 3000-3900

    Acrosians: 2000-2400
    Evolved Acrosians: 3500-4500

    In case you are wondering there will be rare Elite counterparts of the the races which will have a higher maximum BP, also all the races will have random appearances.

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    Julius Burdyginas

    Good idea, mby fusion with villager help too ;d if for real good idea, but you could make a little jokes, like fusion with villager, kami. And you could make potaros. :d

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    I’d be happy enough if Jin just let us fuse with the trainers that are already in the game and just gave them all max stats. I guess he could make a config for the NPC fusion stats but slapping max stats on them is the next best thing. We’ve got everyone we’d need already too.
    Goku for Saiyans and Half-Saiyans.
    Roshi for Humans.
    Freeza for Arcosians.
    Kami for Namekians.
    I’m willing to stretch it a bit and say Cell could probably also be used for all the races as well.
    I’m sure there’s probably some balancing issues with my idea but as long as having NPC fusion allowed is configurable, it shouldn’t destroy servers unless they let it.

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      Personally i don’t think fusing with masters would be very balanced I think jin should just add the new mobs I listed even if it takes more time.

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