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      Im itching to see where Fusion goes for now i can only give you ideas.
      Fusion should add both players numbers in attributes.
      i like how you mixed their names…

      Hair First thing you should mix appearances for the first update start by only mixing hairs the person no matter if you fused with the charger of if the your the charger getting fused with, if one person if balded use the person with hair, if both are balded make the fusion balded, You know how you make your own hair, either mix the numbers or mix the hair attributes, to get a final result, if non of these work for you let the fused players make their own hair or use the scissors.

      ApperancesSecond Update, other appearences if one person if (not to be racist) Dark skinned and the other person is white then they should be light skinned or tan, if one person for some random reason is green and the other is black (the color) Then make it dark green, i think you see where im coming from but do the same with eyes and ki color, mix the nose/mouth if one person has nose 3 and one person has mouth 1 just mix it and give it both.

      ClothiesThird Update. Mixing the Clothies if both people have normal minecraft clothies on then just give then a normal body suit, or do whatever. If one have dbc clothies on and the other one has minecraft or no clothies on them then make the fusion have the one with dbc clothies. if both people have dbc clothies on either randomize the dbc clothies, i dont think anyone would take the time to mix all of the clothies textures together. lastly if one person have weights on then put the weights on the fusion.

      SkillsFourth Update. Mixing the Attacks, Now you should mix the Skills like potential unlock and ki fist. when mixing the ki attacks mix the first attack of one person and the first attack of the other person do the same with color if one person ki attack color if green and the other is red make it yellow, now for the shapes of the blasts if the person first blast is a ball and the other is a wave then give the wave a bigger tip do the same for spiral(nohomo), if the blast is a spiral and a wave then just make the fusion blast a spiral. if it is a disk and a wave/ blast make a spike or ki blade, fuse the damage numbers.\

      RacesFifth Update. Mixing The Races. Now This Should be Easy for some races. if its a saiyan/half mixed with a human then the fused players should keep super saiyan. if its humanoid mixed with acrosian mix the skin color and put the acrosian orbs on his head but keep the hair. let them go super saiyan but when they go golden or a different form change the body and remove the hair, do the same with namekians. when you mix acrosians and namekians mix the color add the acrosian orbs and the namekian pink skin on the fused player and keep it when they transform…

      Animations and potaraSixth Update, the last one, add animations if you decide to fuse normally add the fusion animation and a big explosion like when you blast something occures, If you fuse with potara then no animation will occur and you will come together and a big explosion like a blast would occur but how potara works is that you get the earings from a kai (when you add them) you must have completed your whole saga to get them, then you must set a player in mind to fuse with them and they must set you in mind as well then you put them on in the secondary inventory Then you fuse together.

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      Animation would be hard to do and in the end not useful
      And dance fusion requires normally : almost matcheing powers that must be the exact same when they fuse, almost same height, and same race. Can’t do it cross race, not with dance.
      But otherwise yeah fusion is left behind for now.

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      Your right about Animation is isnt useful, actually when you think about it jin dosent have much of any animations in his mod, other then the hair and tail animation, animations like flying down/up or punching isnt there.
      So a animation isnt really needed.

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