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    well , i had an idea that seemed pretty cool in my opinion, basically when a tournament is held people normally sing up..right? well there was this concept in a fan manga called dragon ball multiverse , (check it out its super dope) in wich warriors from different universes (not like in super) go to a tournament where the prize is a wish from some super great dragon balls or something. well getting back into the idea, our heroes (the z fighters) join this tournament right? and they find another universe with none other than VEGETTO! (or vegito) but thats not the main focus. goten and trunks also participate in this tournament (yes theres 3 trunks and 2 gotens) but they had the idea to register gotenks, as a participant! yes you heard me, they participate in the tournament as gotenks! wich is something that i tought was really cool! if 2 people get together and participate as a fusion it would be really cool! of course it wouldn’t be fair if 2 super powerful people fused but hey, i think it should be an option for 2 people to enter as 1 (fused) in a tournament! but what if they defuse midfight you say? well then it could be a 2 on 1 or heck maybe a 2 v 2 match if both contestants are a fusion! this also could be fixed if they make the fusion time a bit longer in the mod settings for the server but yeah, in DBM (dragon ball multiverse) gotenks has to fight gotenks! (spoilers) gotenks wins. but still during the fight both of them defuse and they do a 2 v 2 battle ! wich is super cool in my opinion,

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    Alex Flore

    Amm…i don’t know why you posted it in suggestions,you could posted it in the server section but anyway.

    Look,you can’t,the time limit is 5 minutes,and it goes to 2-3 minutes if you transform in God/blue.
    Also it goes to 2 minutes if you transform in SSJ3,i don’t know about the other fusion such as human/namekians.

    Bassicaly,you should have asked about a config that would make the fusion time 30 m or to be a config where you could set the time limit,the drain etc,not that.

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    oh ok, i understand now

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