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    i think jin should add away that when ur in a form if u use it alot you loose power so fullpower super saiyan you dont but on super saiyan 3 its hard to maintain full power like when goku fought buu and vegeta gave him the minute to power up but he just couldnt because he was out of ki and had lost power in the fight. so mastered super saiyan blue should make it so you continuously stay at full power and will never go below 100% power because that what it doesn in manga and vegeta says blues biggest downfull is its hard to stay at 100% so say you use super saiyan blue for 4 minutes you would loose like 25% power and you would have to leave the form charge your ki and and then re power up. the 25% number is configurable so you should be able to change how fast your power percentage drains. so i think there should be a new skill called mastery and it gives you the ability to master forms and so you can get mastered super saiyan 3 and it has alot less ki drain and wont drain your power away so you can use it without your power dropping to say 95%. mastery skill has 6 lvlslvl 1 mastery of super saiyan
    lvl 2 mastery of super saiyan 2
    lvl 3 mastery of super saiyan 4
    lvl 4 mastery of god
    lvl 5 mastery of super saiyan 3
    lvl 6 mastery of blue
    and will be more if jin adds new forms but to counter the benefits you loose abit of health once you use the mastered versions or stamina i dont know yet. but when u use the mastered forms u can revert back to the normal forms that arent mastered

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    I don’t understand what you mean, but are you saying you want to add a concept that isn’t there that should be like something in the anime and manga that should be?

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    basically certain forms like ssb you cant maintain 100% for long like stated in the anime and say ss3 when he fights buu he cant maintain full power so if you add a mastery skill it makes it so you can access mastered ss and mastered blue and all the other forms and when u have the mastery skill you dont loose as much ki and your power always stays at 100% so when you dont have mastery your percentage of power should go down along with your ki bar as you dont have a mastery of the form this could also be used for ui so you lvl up ui to lvl 3 and mastery to max and go into mui

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