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    Ok, I’m just going to say this: Flying is crappy right now. It’s useful, but it’s not good.
    There doesn’t need to be any major tweaks for it to be good… here are the only ones:

    Non complex: Just having a config that allows you to increase the flight speed, or letting you do it by increasing mind (Like it actually should do, but doesn’t…) Would be good… then having a config where you can decrease the amount of stamina that that swooping takes would be amazing. Turbo’s speed should be 1.5 – 2x faster than non turbo speed. Super Saiyan should make you faster too (but only in the air though). (Just throwing this in there… Nimbus should be 2x faster than what it is, or at least configurable)

    Complex: There could be a new stat for speed, or having the flight and dash skill have infinite number of upgrades, making it a lot easier to get from place to place. Right now, flight is very slow in my opinion and a lot of other people’s opinion’s too. Turbo’s speed boost and ki cost should have a configuration of like 1 to 10 (5 being what we have now) same with flight (Maybe 1 – 20 and 5 being what we have now) and dash (as I’ve said before). The way you could revamp flight is having a regular slow flight where you’re flying and not sprinting… but when you start sprinting in the air your speed increases 2x and this would be travel flight mode (Like when you see them flying long distance in the anime) same for Nimbus and such. Also there should be a configuration that asks you if you want to slowly descend (like we have now) or not descend at all and just stay floating…

    I really think flight needs some type of speed increase as it annoys most players to death seeing as it takes ages to get from place to place.

    (P.S: ik there’s only a certain amount of blocks that you can fly to before you stop being able to render in a world, I have that in mind, but flight still needs a large increase)

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    Sam Noé

    Hey nice to see that Travel Flight idea coming back once in a while.
    And we all agree that while Flight is still useful to some things, Nimbus and Space Pod are utter trash, and become absolutely pointless past the very early game.
    About increasing the speed, yeah, but there’s still a question : by how much can we increase it before breaking the render speed of the computer wich is probably closer from a potato than a T-800 for a lot of people ?
    2x seems reasonable tho. But I think this multiplier should be given to the slow normal flight, rather used for fights, building and precise air manoeuvers, all of this requiring slower movement. For the potential Travel flight the multiplier should be a bit higher, 2x the current speed still seems slow to me, 3x would already be better, but hey that’s to debate
    To sum up, support !

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      Yep 3x would be better now that i think about it, it would be good as configurable up to about 5x though, that would be cool… but then theres the factor of potato-like computers that cant render most speeds

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    if you want this on mod do it by yourself, you can do almost everything with external modification

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      Sam Noé

      And not everybody can do this. That also means not usable on servers since it’s not official.
      We’re not asking for a new mod, we’re asking for litterally nothing more than a new entry in the config file, which probably ain’t that tricky nor time consuming to do.

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      ^ What he said

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      of course a external modification can be used on server, why not ? if its not editing jin’s code, there is nothing wrong at doing this

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    Brandon E

    The speed for flying and running should be configurable

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