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      When using JRMCcore, FamilyC, YearsC, and HDSkins (Though I’ve tested with just FamilyC and JRMCcore also), the female model will not function properly without the DBC mod installed. If you don’t have the DBC mod, and are using the female body, if you try to put on armor it will glitch to the male model, the male model won’t move, it’ll just overlap your female body.

      glitched with HD skins

      Glitched Without HD skins

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      doesn’t seem to break for the male model, male model works just fine with armor, it’s only the female model that breaks like that

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      If it doesn’t work without DBC, then install DBC, but don’t use it.

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      but that’s just use unnecessary Ram for a mod that could work by itself, this is just a bug I’m reporting anyways. Plus, though, we can’t exactly enforce players to not use the DBC part of the mod if we install that just for this, we’re trying to make a survival-server that uses family C, Years C and has the HairsC stuff, but it won’t be survival at all if people have the option to choose DBC

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        I brought that as temporary solution, of course that has to be corrected.
        Well if it’s suppoosed to be a survival server without DBC, people that comes won’t use DBC because that’s not what brought them in the first place (I can only guess).
        If somebody cheats (I suppose, again, that you could check player data and I think there’s a command that allows to check a players stat cheet), you punish him.
        I mean with DBC you start with around 20-hand-free damage,200 health, and 5-block jump, it would be easy to notice them.
        You can also use the config to make the TP gain so harsh that cheaters would directly give up, even tho they’d still have some advantages without training.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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