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    Imma keep it real with y’all, family C is a great mod with great potential. We probably all know that. And if you wanna see stuff in the future for this mod, we gotta let Jin know what we want. I personally want to see a day where your children can do everything a player can, like turn super saiyan and fly and use ki attacks that you teach them. If you wanna know every feature that I want and would be a realistic aim for the limits of minecraft, keep reading.

    First off, having children with other players. You would need a male and a female of the same race, or a human and a saiyan, and you would have to procreate. The process takes 9 minecraft days. The female would become pregnant, which would reduce str and dex, and if you took enough damage, the ’embryo’ would die. If you succesfully went through 9 minecraft days without the baby dying, it would be born as a baby. It would have 1% of your total stats at birth, but it would have a small chance at being born extremely powerful, with 20% of your total stats.

    (continued in comments if people wanna hear more)

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