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    Have you ever thought about making a Fairy Tail Mod?

    You could still use most of the same stuff that you used in Dragon Block C and Naruto C in it. I feel like it would be a big hit for you. Fairy Tail is pretty popular and if you could make it a mod I would be on it all the time.

    P.S. I love playing both Dragon Block C and Naruto C, I have a blast playing it with my friends.

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    Jonathan (me)

    Well a Fairy Tail mod wouldn’t be too bad but honestly don’t you think Jin has enough on his plate at the moment. And Aegous was actually making one it had a good concept and looked quite nice, but sadly he stopped and started focusing more on the development on his current server named Dragonforce.

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    Yeah, I played on that server. I didn’t know what other stuff he was working on until after I posted it

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    actually Aegous worked on a Fairy Tail mod but stopped because he thought Fairy Tail wasn’t popular anymore so he began working on a Super Hero mod.

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