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    Sam Noé

    Well we were discussing here about SSG ritual and all and we ended on a ritual extended to every race, but I think it deserves a new post.

    So what do I mean by extending the God Form ritual ?
    Simple : each race should be able to perform a ritual to transform a player into a Ritual variant of their standard God Form for a limited time (SSG for Saiyans/Halfies and God for others)

    The ritual would be the same as Saiyans’ right now : the wanna-be God ascend and has to have maxed his Racial Skill maxed and the others charge with Racial Skill at least at lvl 1. Once the wanna-be God is done ascending, he enters the Ritual God state and will lose it as soon as the timer of the effect reaches 0, you already know the deal.

    This is based over the Ritual Goku has done in BoG.
    But in BoG, it’s also said that Goku absorbed and kept the God Potential within him.
    That’s how the idea of receiving the God Form skill with a ritual was born.
    And I don’t like this idea pretty much, I’m even kinda against it, trust me.
    But still I’ve found it interesting, and so have tried to develop it a bit and came up with this :

    Let’s call that the “God Birth Ritual”.
    So basically, it would give the God Skill to the wanna-be God, but as I’m more than aware, it would be extremly OP without huge limitations :

    -Each helper for the ritual would have to be in possession of either the God Form at lvl 1 or the Divine effect.
    -Each helper would need to have maxed his Racial Skill.
    -Each helper would need to be above 95% Ki and HP.
    -Each helper would have at least 75% of the cap in each stats (so if it’s 100K, they’ll need 75K in each stat at least).
    -The wanna-be God would need at least to have reached 25% of the stat cap.
    -The wanna-be God would need to have maxed his Racial Skill.
    -The wanna-be God would need to be above 95% Ki and HP.
    -The ritual is not guaranteeed to suceed. Each helper will increase the chances but it’s capped at 50% of sucess whatever happens.
    -If it fails, the helpers who had God Form wouldn’t be able to transform into a God for 20 minutes. Those who had Divine would see their base multiplier halved for 10 minutes. If one had both, he would receive randomly one of the two debuffs. All would, the wanna-be God included, receive Strain for 20 minutes.
    -If it suceeds, the new God would receive God Form at “lvl 0”. Lvl 0 only would act as Potential Unleashed (Mystic) at lvl 1 : if not upgraded within 30 minutes, it would dissapear. Think about it like this : you’ve received this power, but you didn’t learn how to properly use it yet. If you don’t learn fast enough, this power will leave you.
    -Whether it suceeds or not, all helpers would receive a “No Birth Ritual” for at the very least an hour, which means they wouldn’t be able to participate in any ritual (God Birth or Regular) nor fuse during this time.

    There you are. Wheter you light me up or support, I think for once that it’s not too much to leave your opinion on this one.

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    thats a heavy amount of Requirements just for it to not even be a 100% chance of working

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    Sam Noé

    Of course, but as I said on the other post, “we’re talking about becoming a God litterally just by using the power of friendship”. Of course it would be easier to grind TPs but that doesn’t give me any feeling of accomplishement personally, and grinding is anyway boring.
    And if Jin plans on implementing a different way than grinding to get God Form, I know it would be most likely a questline. But it sounds too … classic, why not trying something different ?
    That’s what I thought when I took this idea that I didn’t like much and found too OP but yet interesting and tried to make it more balanced. Thus it’s normal that I was a harsh, so these requirements could largely be loosened.

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    Support !!

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    the requirements are insane, it would make the ritual completely useless compared to just getting god form from king kai… giving godform lvl 0 is enough imo, because you would still need to train to use it.

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      Sam Noé

      Indeed. But without any requirement, this would be just like getting it from King Kai, except that you don’t need to die to go to the Overworld, thhe only advantage I see is that King Kai give it only to good players, but still this would be pointless in that case too.
      So in the end, time limit to upgrade, chances to fail and racial skill requirements should be the minimum I think.

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      yeah this would be like a harder way to get godform just without dying. and this is the only logical way to get it for evil players imo, cause even if jin adds whis, i don’t think whis should train evil players.

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