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    So, I’ve decided on making a resource pack that will not only change mob textures and oc textures etc. I’ll also be making new textures for blocks that will replicate the dbz art style, now yes the blocks will be 64×64 but imo I don’t think that much detail needs to go into blocks. Currently there won’t be a download link because the resource pack is far from completed but I will show a sneak peek of what I have done so far.

    What I've done

    Now I am extremely far from done and I am very new to making resource packs. But I hope when I do release a beta of this pack, then I’d get constructive criticism rather than complaints.

    I sincerely hope this can be completed and that this community isn’t be dead!

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    So, an update. I don’t think I’m quitting anytime soon but damn I’m drawing a blank on how to make the leaves so I just made them 64×64 in photoshop. But here’s a new pic.


    Ps: If anyone would like to help me make the art then reply to this update specifically to let me know! Don’t worry nobody needs to but I do need some help with this project. If you contribute. Then in the resource pack description I will credit you!

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    Soo… I’ve realised that I got 108 views on the latest update and the response is not so good, now I’m wondering if I’m the right person to even do this if the feedback is not the best. So I guess I can take a hint…

    If I do get people asking me to still do this then I’ll continue but I’m guessing it just doesn’t look good so I’ll just stay away from this for a while.

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    The main problem is the inside of the logs and the dirt textures, they look very unnatural. The rest of it isn’t that bad.

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      Alright now I know what to fix, thank you.

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    You said you’re new to this right? When I started making my dbc texture pack I didn’t know anything at all about texture packs, or how to make them.

    Practice makes perfect.

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    From what I can see, this isn’t too bad. I do hope this project continues!

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