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    I think that currently are enough transformations and combat mechanics, but, those who play in Singleplayer we get bored because the only way to put into action transformations like the Super Saiyan God is in pvp.
    So I think it would be great to add the Dragon Ball Super sagas. Here I will detail how it would be in my opinion.

    Battle of Gods Saga.

    Battle with Beerus.
    “The God of Destruction dreamed of a mortal with the power of a god and wish to fight”
    Defeat Beerus.

    The God State.
    “You have been defeated very easily, get the power of the gods to be able to face Beerus”
    Ascend to:
    Saiyans and Half Saiyans: Super Saiyan God (With or without ritual).
    Arcosians: God Form or Ultimate Form.
    Namekians: God Form.
    Humans: God Form.

    Battle of Gods.
    “Now that you have the power of a god, you are strong enough to rival the God of Beerus Destruction”
    Defeat Beerus.

    Resurrection of Frieza Saga

    Frieza is back.
    “Frieza has returned from death and seeks revenge, oh, he has brought an army with him.”
    Defeat 20 Frieza soldiers.

    Battle with Frieza.
    “Frieza has become much more powerful, but it is no match for you that you have obtained the power of gods”
    Defeat Frieza.

    More strong than god (Only for Saiyans and Half-Saiyans)
    “Apparently now the power of Super Saiyan God is not enough to beat Frieza”
    Ascend to: Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan Rose.

    The ultimate transformation of terror.
    “Frieza has achieved a transformation that surpasses the power of the gods”
    Defeat Golden Frieza.

    Universe 6 saga

    Beerus is calling you (For this missions is necessary adding Beerus planet structure in Other World).
    “Whis is calling you, says that Beerus is want talk with you”
    Talk with Beerus NPC
    Beerus dialog: “Exist 12 universes, this universe is the universe 7, my brother Champa is the God of Destruction of the universe 6 and challenge me to art martials tournament between universes”

    Other universe?
    “The fighters from universe 6 no looks very strong… But, what is this energy that I sense?”
    Defeat Botamo

    The familiar fighter.
    “The last fighter is very weak, but, the next fighter looks very familiar, Who is?”
    Defeat Frost

    Androids again?
    “The next fighter looks like to Android, What?, is a living being?”
    Defeat Magetta

    Saiyans again?
    “This tournament is very easy! The next fighter claims to be Saiyan, looks very differente from the Saiyans that I to face”
    Defeat Cabba

    The Legendary Super Saiyan!
    “The power of anger wake up the legendary warrior, The Super Saiyan!”
    Defeat Cabba Super Saiyan

    The last fighter.
    “After the fight with the previous fighters finally appears a fighter can able to face with me”
    Defeat Hit

    Goku Black Saga.

    Goku is attacking me?
    “His energy is different from the of Goku we know, he looks like him but he can not be him”
    Defeat Goku Black.

    An Kaio-shin.
    “Goku Black is no match for me, but he’s back with someone very strange”
    Defeat Goku Black and Zamasu.

    An evil god.
    “Goku Black has achieved a transformation that surpasses the gods, The Super Saiyan Rose!”
    Defeat Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose and Zamasu.

    The ultimate god, Zamasu.
    “Goku Black and Zamasu are close to losing to you but … They have a last resort”
    Defeat Merged Zamasu.

    The fall of the ultimate god Zamasu.
    “Merged Zamasu has fallen into despair and his body has turn deformed”
    Defeat Deformed Merged Zamasu.

    Thanks for read and sorry for my bad English.

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    I support this! this would be perfect

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    6 Star Ball

    Finally someone speaks on singleplayer. This sparked and Idea I had a while back that can go along with this! I support this!

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      Thank you, I would like you to post your idea so that Jin realizes that we want more things regarding the Singleplayer.

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    Hi, I’m making am extended saga for DBC and I will upload it when I finish it. Can I copy these ideas for my Super Saga?

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      Of course, if you want you can even copy the titles and descriptions of the missions.

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      Thanks! I will put your name in the credits

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      Hi, do you think you can help me with others titles and subtitles? do you have discord?

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    i think the buu saga isnt finished.
    i’d also like to suggest we get the classic dragon ball sagas in.
    ya know. from the bear thief to the piccolo jr saga
    at the VERY least i’d like to see super saiyan 4 and legendary states (which have their own branch of transformations for saiyans)
    also. half the experience in dragon ball is watching characters ascend to newer, crazier forms.
    as long as dragon ball super is still going, there will most likely be new transformations. like how trunks transforms into super saiyan rage.
    and i’d like to think more transformations can be added WITH the story related content.
    and to throw my two cents in: i would like more mobs in general. i mean, the legacy of goku series has all kinds of enemies that i’d like to see transplanted into this mod. just imagine, fighting one of the pirate robots out in the open, or fighting bear soldiers, or red ribbon ladybug robots, evil monks, majin soldiers, and tiger gang members wanted for general mayhem. and what if we have a database on these enemies, where we have to scan them with a scouter? and also, randomly if you have defeated them before, recolored ghost versions of raditz, the ginyu force, frieza, perfect cell, kid buu, golden frieza, goku black, and fusion zamasu will randomly appear, stronger than when they were alive, with high rewards to those daring enough to face such monstrocities.

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    I agree completely, singleplayer really gets boring after you complete the buu saga, since there isnt much to do, more sagas would really help

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    Yeah, i’m pretty sure more sagas are planned to be added, but your storyline is pretty legit anyway.

    Also, as andrew kinney said, i’d love to see a db saga, before even the god saga becomes a thing.
    Tho, to make a dragon ball saga the main mobs would have to get their shit buffed a ton… But it’s all good, that’s the easy part of making a dragon ball saga make sense with dbc.

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      I’m making a DBSuper saga and he is helping me. It will come out soon

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      Wot? with cnpcs? personally i don’t care about cnpcs.
      If you’re making a saga with some coding though, extending the dbc story system, it’ll be great!

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      No, it won’t be with cnpcs. It will have a little mod which only add the new skins to the minecraft folder. So I can use them in the mission saga code.

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      A mod to add custom skins. Is that without replacing or are we gonna have to add a resource pack into the game?

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      You won’t have to replace 😀 you won’t even do anything to the DBC mods. Just add the new mod and paste the saga file in your world folder

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    Wolfin Dark

    This is really good but make sure to spell check yourself, seeing alot of spelling errors, and bad grammar.

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      Dominick Finch

      If I remember correctly, from his other posts, English isn’t his native language.

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    All for this.

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    eh if jin chooses to do this then he does but if he decides to keeps making forms i’m fine either way.

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