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      So after playing this mod for a few months, maybe doing the Saga like 100 times, it gets kinda boring. Not kinda boring, really boring. Without any type of training (Gravity training, weighted clothing, etc) the leveling process gets old. And while there are ways to alter the tp give on quest completion, once you get to max, its even more boring. You are basically done, and are forced to restart.

      While I do know the cons of a endless leveling system, it would still balance out how old it gets. I love this mod, and tbh I’ve been addicted to it since May, but unless some serious development gets moving for training, leveling and other such things, it’ll lose its fun.

      Now I might as well list some pros and cons of an endless leveling system, people can add to it if they want, but these are just my personal pro and con views on this.

      A never ending experience, especially on servers such as bockingdoms, jins server, etc.
      A new challenge. With a endless leveling system, comes more tp needed to level up, while this could be problematic, a way to fix this would be to simply make the enemies grow stronger (Health really) while you grow stronger and give more TP as they get harder.
      Better PVP. A problem in most servers I see, is that a lot of people get to max and then they find no challenge fighting each other, b/c most can either one hit the other or just one punch the other a few more times. With endless leveling, people can get stronger and at the same time make their health better. Surviving battles for a longer duration.

      PVP can also be damaged by this. People could easily overpower the weak ones, and cause problems.
      No new ways of training: Unless there are new ways of training such as weighted clothes/armor, gravity training, or something as simple as shooting ki blasts at giant boulders, it will be hard to level up once you are in the thousands needed to level up. But that could also balance out some things.
      Hyperbolic Time Chamber. While this is a little useful, it really doesn’t have any use. It barely helps you train, and if the gravity training ends up like this, I don’t know if it’ll be of any use. Although I do like it that when you are weak you can take damage from falling. Just try to find a better way to give tp then walking around giving 1 tp every 20 seconds (And gets longer as you get stronger).

      I can’t really think of anymore, so please leave your thoughts. I hope you see this, Jin, it really needs to happen.

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      it will be raised to 2000 and there will be new training methods and the amount of tp needed to level up will get a little less
      it’s not true that pvp is boring when your maxed in fact thats when you start creating techniques
      like the disc shield
      where you use giant discs to protect yourself from other attacks
      and other techniques like the cage etc.
      so that isnt really true

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      That sounds good and all but I hope he plans to soon. And I suppose youre right. I’d say its half right half wrong

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      6 Star Ball

      Gravity Training would be a lot more enjoyable once its added if it has custom gravity levels. Not just the defaults(ex: 2,5,10,20,50,100 ect.) but you can input the number and randomly spawning drowns like what Vegeta uses to train should be a feature.

      After a while the Hyperbolic Time Chamber will become useless because after you hit like 1mil BP it takes too long to gain TP.

      Weighted Clothing should also be customizable, where you can add more pounds or tons to the Gi in a crafting table… (Ex: if a chestplate is 5 pounds and you put it in the crafting table with weights it adds 5 more = 10 pounds… So weights will have to be a craftable item).

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