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    Idk about anyone else, but in general when I play DBC I don’t like the grind for having to get materials and stuff like in vanilla MC. So I usually just use Custom NPCs to get all of that.

    Getting to the point, I made a little survival world that has some Npcs and a little base of sorts that will allow the player to do some quests to get money and trade those in for items you would need like food and armor. There are also Npcs set up around the world that will let you warp between places after you talk to them.

    The download is right here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c9dg27j0n08yglv/AABqx4Wp3dsG7VjG9K_qiQP0a?dl=0

    You just need to put this into your saves folder and you can start your own DBC playthrough without having to grind for materials.

    Edit: I forgot to leave creative mode when I put the world up for download, you can just type /gamemode 0 since the world has cheats enabled by default.

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    Sam Noé

    What is the config ?

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    There isn’t one, actually.
    The only npcs I made you can fight are some Saibamen I made to have a source of Saibamen Seeds, everything else is left up to the player and their saga of choice.

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