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      So, right now I think that all of the wishes are, Kinda boring. Like the only wish I’ve actually used is the revive wishes. So I thought I could list some wishes that I think would help it.

      -Give me the secrets of SSJG
      I think this would just spice the way to get SSJG a bit up. So instead of just “Bying” it with mind and such. So what I think it would do is, give you the ability to use the god ritual and after that you’ll get the God Forms Skill -Make me beautiful
      Just like the XV2 wish, it’ll give you the ability to remake you characters appearance
      -Make me immortal
      Now this one I think should able to get toggled in the config. This one would just revive you when you “die” so you just wake up again
      -Make me powerful
      This wish will just give you a bunch of tape. But the catch is that after a certain level you’ll be more powerful that the dragon, and therefor you can’t use it an infinite number of times -Revival of certain violations
      It’s like the DBZ kakarot wishes to revive ex. Frieza, so you can fight em again

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      I love this idea! These wishes are much more useful and much more entertaining to venture for rather than just asking for a small amount of resources you can get more of naturally. Although, I think the immortal wish is a bit much – maybe it’s an exclusive wish for Porunga or something.

      The idea of the God wish is interesting. It unlocks/tells you how to go God, which I like the idea of considering there are no in-game tutorials for much in this mod, but also it could halt the story progress which might not work out for the best.

      I hope the idea comes to fruition ūüôā

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      yea good idea

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