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    Dragon Block RL [RolePlay]

    Hello everyone, im making a dragon block c roleplay server.

    This will be something like real life and dbz, u know if u are human u didn’t know about ssj about namek etc…

    Template for Submission Application

    Name: Self-Explanatory
    Gender: Male or Female
    Race: Choices from above
    Age: Self-Explanatory
    Personality:What is your character like? How does he act to others?
    General Appearance: You can either describe the gi outfit you would like, battle armor outfit and scouter color you would like if you are saiyan or arcosian, or your minecraft skin you’ll be using, plus hair styles, hair colors, tail or no tail, etc… Do not copy people in the show, you can use gi and armors from the characters from the show and make custom outfits with your gi please.Please try to come up with a creative story from scratch rather than copying dbz and saying something
    Backstory: This is your characters history. If you are a saiyan or an arcosian, you can get battle armor and a scouter if you the correct card

    Don’t forget to put under application your discord name and id.

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    Back-story: Blaze Mom Emily was a kind saiyan warrior when she was sent to do missons that had to do with killing people she only kill the evil people.She would try not to kill only if she had to and one day she found a man on a planet very injured,she try to help me.She saw that he was a saiyan like her but she saw that he was not wearing Saiyan armor like her.But she try to help him still and the man woke up said where I’m,who are you and she said I’m Emily I treated your injures you had.The Man said thx for that,my name is Rex and she said what happen to him,he said he doesn’t remember what happen to him.Emily said do you need a place to stay and Rex said sure and I won’t stay to long I don’t want to bother you and she said it’s fine stay as long as you want.
    Five years latter she was pregnant with Rex baby and one day Rex got angry out of no where and before Rex transform into a form he told her run Emily get away from me fast!!!She went in the Space Pod and saw Rex going into his transformation and destroying two planet and the planet he was on when he was transforming.She and her baby escape and when she woke up she was on earth and she try to fix the space pod because it was not turning on and what she didn’t know she was next to kami lookout and she saw it.She when up and flew up and told kami what happen kami said he will help,and she told him one last thing pls make my son strong so he can defend himself if anything happens to me and keep that monster away from him.Then 6 months latter Emily give birth to Blaze but she die at child birth.
    For the past 17 years kami,Mr.Pop, and korin train Blaze to be the strongest on earth.He had to train in some bad climate and more,sandstorm,snowstorm,standing in the middle of a activate volcano,and swimming in freezing water.Train the the hyper time chamber fight against Mr.Pop and he learn powerful moves that can destroyed mountains.Also for some reason kami saw when Blaze got older he had like the fight style of warrior a saiyan warrior when their was no saiyan training him.When he turn 18 he told kami he wanted to explore the world and get stronger and kami said ok sure it won’t hurt(what I’m saying, Mr.Pop stop me)and Blaze packed up and stayed ok I’m off and lefted.
    After Blaze left kami told Mr.Pop why didn’t you stop me and Mr.Pop answer you never tell a god what to do.Plus you can see everything on earth if Blaze is doing fine and if Rex has to gotten to earth and if that day comes we will be ready.You can also call Goku to help protected Blaze from Rex and kami said you right.And has night fall comes Blaze kill farms some animals for food and cooks them in cave he found and the story continue on as Blaze trains long for weeks and what will happen in the story of Blaze will he meet his father.You will find out if you accept me in your server.
    How he/she/it acts:Blaze is more of the long wolf person he is very serious,is smart kami and Mr.Pop teach him many thing about the world if he ever wanted to fit in,he is powerful,he can show a kind side if the right person comes and will not leave the weak people be hurt by others,tries to help people.

    Fighting style:He keeps moving in the middle of a fight and tries to find the weak points of his opponent while in the fight.


    What they wear:Demon clan clothing with the weighted cape

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