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    Hello, Dragon Block Primordial is a beta server being developed. The theme of it will be making our take on events that happened outside the show, but we we told the outcome. So let’s say the six erased universes, we will do quests showing what happened that made them erased and show them coming back.
    Many remember Db All, my previous server. We aren’t going to make the mistakes we did there. Making transformations balanced to the quests, not rushing things, etc. one of the few things being kept from All are the events, but they are being heavily remade. Wish, Donation, Church, Tournaments, Games, and Court systems.
    For staff we are in need of Builders and Npc Masters currently, when the server is open we will need Mods and Helpers. If anyone wants to they can also be a translator for staff. To apply go to https://discord.gg/nQKtsJ8.

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    No real status update yet. GT Remake Here will be an idea on the story we will be using. New chapter weekly. Sometimes a movie chapter so check the profile for the other content. For skins, we will use our own made by yours truly and can be found in the DBC Expanded Saga post.

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