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      Juan Monsalve

      Hello can someone help me with this problem;
      I have known this mod for more than 4 years but this week I got a bug in dragon block in which when I recharge my ki, use turbo or use something related to ki it drops from 240 to 10 fps, I have tried to delete minecraft and go back to install it, reinstall the mods, update java, change minecraft video settings, chunk settings but there is no solution, please help me as much as possible this mod I really like playing it and I can’t enjoy it because of this bug that clearly is not from my pc because normally I have +600 fps in minecraft and in fortnite +240.

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      I’ve never heard of a bug like this before so all I can suggest is to go through the in-game client settings (found in the left side of your V menu) and check if it is related to the particles by switching the particle amount to 0.
      If it is related to it then just disable as many things as possible, mainly aura related ones.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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