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    Jesus Cano Cano

    Hi, i got a problem, yesterday i was teweaking video options forminecraft for unlag the game, the i start to have a render crash problem whit thumcraft thaunmiun golem, (reading the crash reports) afther i spend hours triying to fix this, then i decive to wipe out all (CRAP minecraft) words and bacupks, no i try to start anew but i can chage hair, and regarless the race i select and age, it keeps stick whit the default skin, so when i hit f5, instead view a child, i see a full grow human adult and my aim camera is uncentered to up, so now i have to aim low for hit where i want. I dont know why happens this afther tweaking video setting, maybe i tought some option i dont know, i reset video settings, i have to say, i was tirying the smart move mod, but afther i see that dindont work i unistall it entirely, then the render start to kick me up, and now whit the mod uninstalled and startting a new fresh world, dont know why this happes. Some help plesae?

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    The awkward sizing is a bug due to the recent updates, and should be fixed soon.
    As for the skin, I’m not entirely sure why that is happening as I’ve yet to experience it myself. Although you could try messing with video settings a bit more if you wanted to and see if that fixes it.

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    Jesus Cano Cano

    i m triying to do a undelete, hope i lucky to restore some backup since i do not use the disk much and dont do a wipe free space, i will try to recover a crash log too, for the moment i m waiting for the scan to complete searching for backups in zip format. later i tell if am sucesfull or not, and upload crash repot , i have tried all video options, even i uninstall MCA thinking maybe that mod was overwriting the player skin, didont work, i reset graphics options too, didont work. Now i m triying to recover a full world backup hoping that might fix this weird bugs, maybe something in config files altered by a mod, since is minecraft and java poorly coded, i dont know what to wait.

    Thanks for the reply good sir.

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    Jesus Cano Cano

    Ok, i was able to succeded to recover one world backup, 4 days old, (it was a bit hard due having hex name lol, thanks i know the size, more or less) to the crash starts, crash reports where corruted, so i cant recover any readable in human languajes, now i will restore the config files from that backup and video settings.

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    Jesus Cano Cano

    Ok, skin still the same, forced to bdSteve, and akward size still the same. Have to wait for update then. Thanks a lot for the try.

    Edit: forget to try deleting the new config files, will do. and change then whit the ones from the backup, will edit agian the results.

    Edit2: dosent work.

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