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    Hey everyone! This will be the 2ed group of players who would be playing through a modified timeline. Each choice you make will have other effects in the timeline. All races are an option as of right now! You can even come up with your own custom race and we can add it for you. Please keep the race balanced.





    How he/she/it acts:

    Fighting style:


    What they wear:

    Saiyans; The saiyan race, usually uses vegetable puns for names. We currently have 1 full saiyans, but please don’t flood us with low-quality applications. Of course all races will be able to transform, Saiyans have the primarily strongest forms, excluding SSJ3 Vs. Golden. (Hardest to get race)

    Half-Saiyans; The hybrids of saiyans and humans, or possibly other races (who knows?!). Half-Saiyans posses greater potential than a full blooded saiyan does, however most lack the will to fight. Of course just as strong as a Full Saiyan! We have 2 Half-Saiyans. (.1% easier than saiyans!)

    Humans; The most basic race of them all! They are well balanced and keep up with Saiyans in most places! We have 1 human. (Easiest alongside namekian!)

    Namekians; The people of Namek, strong willed and have two types. Dragon clan known for their ability to create dragon balls, and the warrior clan known for their great power. They are very powerful, especially in Ki. We have 1 namekian. (Easy as humans)

    Arcosian (Frost Demon); The people of Freeza’s race. They are generally a cold-hearted species (haha puns). They are very domination focused and tend to be fairly powerful. They are very few in known numbers. We have 1 arcosian. (About 10% Easier than a saiyan is to be).

    Majin (Boo race to be proper), however variants such as the Shadow Demons and such are also here); The Boo race, known for their extreme endurance and the ability to manipulate their shape. They are fast learners, but not generally the most intelligent. They are rather strong fighters. We have 1 Boo/Majin. (They are the same as arcosians in difficulty)

    Shinjin/Core People/Supreme Kai; These are the people coming from the world of the Kai’s. They are rather powerful, and very intelligent. Only 80 can live on a planet at a time. They are born from the golden Kaiju fruit. We currently have one Shinjin (me). (They are similar to Saiyans in difficulty).

    Demon (Dabura); People of the demon realm. Rule by Demon King Dabura, also features a large variety of special powers. They are adept at magic, and are decently powerful. We have 0. (About like Majins and Arcosians).

    Android; as you would expect a human who has been modified to posses unlimited ki. Such as android 18 and 17.(Around the same difficulty as a half saiyan.)

    Please apply if you’re interested! We will help you if you need help forming your ideas, or fixing issues with yours! Thank you for reading!

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    Please post your characters here.

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    What has happened so far. Goku was unable to beat piccolo at the end of dragon ball so Piccolo has nearly ended the world. There are small groups of people everywhere. The human race lives on, but the future doesn’t look bright. They need a hero to step forward and guide them into a better future. Can you be that hero?

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    The few fighter that remain have gone to a hidden place. Roshi Tien Yamcha and Krillin have all gone to this island to take students to train after Piccolo jr killed goku at the tournament. They fighters have been going around the Earth saving as may people as they can. They have a house on an island where they are willing to train anyone who is up for the task. Their goal is to beat Piccolo and what other threats could come in the future. Your character is able to already start at this place after being saved by one of the fighters.

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    Oh and Yes this does take place and is linked to the Dragon block C Universal warriors.

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    Troels Keis Dinsen




    Back-story:he was born on vegeta but then was sent to a unknown planet but was sent to earth

    How he/she/it acts:he helps people in need

    Fighting style:martial arts


    What they wear:gi

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      Please add a decent amount more to your backstory. as it is your character is a 1/10 you need a 6/10 to be accepted

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    Still open and looking for players.

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    Alright, so this is like the fifth role play I tried to get into but they were pretty much all closed, so I really hope this works!

    Name: Zesty-Pu

    Race: Majin (kinda – he’s a Lemajin, a Majin made from a lemon. They’re usually yellow or green and become thin more easily.)

    Age: 3

    Back-story:I made a longer backstory on another post on a role play, but in general, one day Majin Buu and Miss Buu (or any Majins I guess) fired Love-Love Beams to create a new Majin, but they missed the goo from their bodies that they were intending to turn into a new Majin. The beams ricocheted off the walls of the room they were in and went into the bathroom that one of the Majins had previously had taken a dump in after eating a sour lemon that it found terrible. The beam that miraculously went into the toilet bowl and hit an undigested lemon seed from the lemon. Mad, the Majin who forgot to flush the toilet through a piece of itself into the toilet and flushed. The magical lemon seed combined with the Majin’s goo creating new life, Zesty-Buu, the Lemajin. He ended up leaving the sewers and going to the outskirts of the city he was born in and finding a living piece of poop who called himself Pu. Pu trained Zesty in the ways of the Rabbit Style martial arts and took him under his care, so Zesty’s name was now Zesty-Pu. As Zesty was just born, all he knew was fighting, and he found it fun, so he wanted to become the strongest and fight others as powerful as him, so he left Master Pu to fight stronger foes.

    How he/she/it acts: He’s very childish and ignorant, and loves to fight. You could say he has a pure heart. He’s very loyal to his friends, but is more loyal to the fight. He often doesn’t know a lot of words, but has a very good memory, so if he’s told a new word once, he’ll remember it. He’s a very fast learner. He’s really SOUR when he loses in a fight, though (HEH, GET IT? CUZ HE’S A LEMON! what have i been doing with my life?). If he can’t fight, he becomes very bitter and angry. He’d do anything for a good fight.

    Fighting style: Rabbit Style – He runs and jumps like a rabbit, trying to dodge attacks and shoot ki blasts from afar. I chose the rabbit animal since he’s very lucky, in general and how he was made, and rabbit feet are considered lucky. Also, when his two antennae turn up, they look like rabbit ears. His main attack is the Lucky Rabbit Ray, a green beam-style attack where the user charges their energy with one or two hands, forms the energy into a sphere by having his hands behind his back, and then discharging it by thrusting his arm(s) forward. DBC-wise he’s a Spiritualist.

    Alignment: Neutral/Good – He can be good as long as it benefits himself, but can also threaten the safety of the world if he can’t get a good fight.

    What they wear: An orange gi with a rabbit symbol on the back and front, a green belt, brown pants, and green shoes.

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    Name: Inouye

    Race: Hera. (Bojack’s race)

    Age: 16 (In Hera years)

    Back-story: As a child, Inouye was not a good person. He would always get himself into trouble, thought it was never too serious. Eventually, Inouye would accidentally kill another person of his race on his home world, this led to him being detained into a large secluded prison that was on his planet. Within this prison, he learned that it was more then just a normal prison… It was a prison that would conduct tests on the people who would go there, inhumane tests that would torture the inmates. Inouye was no exception. One day, after one of the newer tests was done on Inouye, he had, had enough. He had caused a revolt with the other inmates, them leading to destroying half of the prison, before one of the strongest members of his race had came to help stop the prisoner revolt. Well, it was going well until he had clashed fists with Inouye. Soon after they began fighting, Inouye would tap into a form that no one in his race would have ever reached before, as his skin grew green, and his hair turned from orange to red. The man saw this, and had felt his power, him feeling that Inouye’s power had rivaled his own. No… It had far surpassed his own power. The man looked on in shock, before it looked as if Inouye teleported, him appearing behind his back, as he easily broke the mans neck. Inouye had laughed out loud in victory, before his form wore off, and he fell to a knee, completely exhausted. Inouye knew that whatever that form was, it would help him in his future. He would stand up as he would say. “Listen up, my fellow past inmates. I think it is time that we leave this stinking planet, and form a group… a group of pirates that shall take over the universe!”. After his statement, there was a large roar of excitement, as they soon after were able to obtain a ship and leave the planet, them forming a group of space pirates. Well, the problem is, they had soon ran into an arcosian deep in space, and Inouye was the only surviver, as his ship went deep into space, searching for a planet that had life. (Input the planet where everyone is at, EX: earth, namek, etc. I am willing to be a villain for you if you want)

    How he/she/it acts: Inouye is a very prideful being, never willing to let others act above him, as he is very aggressive, and will deal with all of his problems with force if he feels that is the only way.

    Fighting style: How shall I say this… Power and speed, he feels there is nothing else needed within a fight, him only using his own physical power (and ki), to defeat his opponents.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    What they wear: Inouye wears a pair of pants that go up to his waste, and a large green shirt, that has no middle to it, and only goes down to the bottom of his abs.

    Discord: DeadMemay#3847


    So I got bored and decided to make another character which could be a villain, if you are to allow me to join your rp server. (Which I really want to join)

    Name: Akasun

    Race: Genetically created Tuffle (Baby basically)

    Age: 30-60 years old (seems very young, yet very intelligent.)

    Back-story: Akasun’s creation was started many years before Planet Sadala was being destroyed. Akasun’s creator was old, a very old man that was the last of the tuffle race. He had decided to get revenge on all the saiyans that had destroyed, and took over his planet. Though he knew he wouldn’t live to see it, he had programmed into his computer that no matter what happens, Akasun MUST be created. And soon enough, Akasun’s creater had passed away, which meant only the computer could work on making Akasun, which would take many years. Now it is near present time within this RP’s universe, Still a long time away from the present, and Akasun is finally complete. He knows of his heritage and he knows that he must exact revenge on all the saiyans alive. And so, he had used all the technology on hand, to create a ship and search the universe, searching for where planet Sadala was, learning it was soon destroyed. He had thought long and hard for a while, before coming to the conclusion that there would be some saiyans that survived, and he used this idea that some were alive, to drive him to keep searching. After many years he had finally gotten searched many parts of the galaxy he was in, before going to one of the last destinations he hadn’t gone too, Earth.

    How he/she/it acts: Akasun likes to act cocky, and will always be smug in front of others, while he does enjoy mentally torturing those he thinks she disappear. Such as the saiyans, which he will stop at nothing to make sure they feel pain if he comes across any.

    Fighting style: Akasun likes to mentally harm people, doing things like taking over the bodies of their loved ones, and using them to fight them, or just using his own power to completely destroy the ones he is trying to kill. Akasun can control creatures with low power levels (say, 1-20,000) indefinitely, while if he tries to control anything that is much stronger, there is a limit, and anybody that far surpasses his power, is able to resist him, and make the him controlling the person, not as strong as he could be. None the less, when he takes over someone, he has the ability to use that persons race more then said person, like if he took over a saiyan, it would be much easier for him to learn how to go super saiyan, or to even evolve their forms.

    Alignment: Akasun is a being of pure hatred and rage, making him be chaotic evil.

    What they wear: Basically what Baby from Dragon Ball GT looks like as an adult.

    Discord: DeadMemay#3847

    (Will Buff or nerf these ocs based on your opinion)

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    Race: saiyans

    Age: 25

    Back-story: amit was born on planet vegeta and was an elite saiyan from birth. by the age of 10 he had a power level of 10K. amit didnt trust frieza and suspected that he will blow up the planet, so he ran away before the explosion. he landed in a planet called yardat and trained their for 12 years and learned the instant transmission technique and to sense ki. then a ship full of frieza soldiers came and tried to conquer the planet. amit helped the yardrats fight and killed 25 of frieza soldiers but then he saw in the scouter a huge power level coming out of the ship. it was dodoria! amit want to face him but he was still a bit weaker than him during the fight the frieza soldiers killed most of the yardrats. amit fallen into rage and transformed into a super saiyan. after he got the form he beat dodoria with ease. amit went to help the other yardrats and killed every soldier but when he turned around he saw the ship leaving with dodoria inside of it. after the fight he realized he had to leave or the army will be back so he escaped to a far away planet called earth.

    How he/she/it acts:amit is really friendly and likes to make jokes( some are good some not :)) and to make fun of people. he doesnt hesitate to kill but he isnt as ruthless as the other saiyans.

    Fighting style: only normal attacks and no ki attacks

    Alignment: good

    What they wear: the orange and black saiyan battle armor
    discord: amit#1607
    i can nerf or buff the character if needs be.

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    itsobu nani!!

    Name:isore colofowter



    Back-story: he lost his dad to a fight against his uncle, his uncle died right after the fight and dies from heart cancer and his mom dies from his stroke but before any of this happens he was trained by his dad at the age of five and his uncle despised the dad for being able to train him so at the age of 7 his dad gave the isore to his uncle and he trained him. after 4 years later his uncle told him to go on a journey to find himself and find a spiritual connection with himself. then 3 years later he comes back to find that his mom died from a stroke while he was gone and his uncle has turned sour and fought his dad then in hour in his dad died and the uncle won.but the next day the uncle died and the isore checked what the cause was and it was heart cancer when he found out his whole family died he snapped in to ssj for a split second and stopped in that second then he ran away back into his journey and found out there were more planets out there.Then he grabbed a pod a flew to the next planet earth. this is where he is leaving off

    How he/she/it acts:My character is a chill person (to give the type of vibe i’m talking vegeta but a little less irritated manner) he doesn’t really like to talk to people only when he has to it irritates him when he talks to good people but he is ok with it he rather go solo and find out himself well by himself

    Fighting style: likes up close and personal but sometime use ki blasts

    Alignment: neutral

    What they wear:Name: General Appearance: he has white hair a dark red eye and a black eye has black GI and a red outline doesn’t wear a scouter has a tail and wheres black shoes

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