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    Steve Perry

    There is nothing special on this server yet, it’s just for those Players who are poor and have to use the cracked version xd


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    Look mate. I’m all for people making minecraft servers and even more dragon block c server.. Hell yeah, but you are very lucky in the way you have worded this post. If you had of said “its just for those players who are poor and have to use the cracked version like me”. I would be talking to you about something that is very different.
    1st point. Look doing this can be illegal depending on the country you are living in.
    2ed I know for a fact that you could face a fine of up to $20000 for using a cracked/illegal version of minecraft.
    3 Don’t go advertising to people that you have a cracked version of minecraft and you want people to play with you with their cracked versions.

    Anyway best of luck with this whole thing..

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