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      Okay, this is going to sound real nerdy, but I’ve pretty much always wanted to create a Dragon Ball mod (Once I saw Jin’s Dragon Block C mod first). The coding is just way too much, and you have to install a bunch of sketchy things and I’m not up for that, so I just got Mcreator. We all know Mcreator isn’t perfect. You cannot create transformations or anything like that, so my ideas have since died down from that to just making an Add-on for DBC with custom models and a nice story, it will be Dragon Block AF, since I love AF. So, speaking of which… I don’t know how I would make Mcreator work with DBC. I know that OMGisGreen said that he used Mcreator, and I really want that too bc it’s a coincidence that I just happen to have it. Any suggestions? Help would be great! 😊

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