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    Tyler G

    A new dragon block c server that has many custom and cool features you should check out! also for you RP fans out there!
    – Movie Saga quests (Turles, Lord Slug, Cooler and much more)
    – Battle Quests with the chance to fight (Vegetto, Trunks, Jiren, Hit and many more!)
    – Grindable / Repeatable quests where you fight ‘clone’ dummies of past villains like… Frieza and Cell!
    – Weekly/Monthly Tournaments occur, even special tournaments like the Tournament Of Power and Cell Games!
    – Shops where you can buy exclusive weapons.
    – A friendly community and staff team.
    – Frequent Events.
    – Occasionally Rank giveaways!
    – A deity system for the server including: God Of Destruction, Angel, SupremeKai, Apprentice’s, North, South, East and West Kai’s.
    – Some specially made customized planets e.g. Planet Frost an all snow and ice planet.

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    Tyler G


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