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    Hey Welcome to my new roleplay 😀 this roleplay will be called the error through time and we will start with garlic jr most likely everyone will start with the stats of 600 on everything except for mind (Mind will be at 100 as it is used for a lot of things) There will be a lot of custom things and i hope to see you soon (Template made by JamesCfer)




    How he/she/it acts:

    Fighting style: (Ki, Close combat, or both)


    What they wear:

    Saiyans; The saiyan race, usually uses vegetable puns for names. We currently have 1 full saiyans, but please don’t flood us with low-quality applications. Of course all races will be able to transform, Saiyans have the primarily strongest forms, excluding SSJ3 Vs. Golden. (Hardest to get race)

    Half-Saiyans; The hybrids of saiyans and humans, or possibly other races (who knows?!). Half-Saiyans posses greater potential than a full blooded saiyan does, however most lack the will to fight. Of course just as strong as a Full Saiyan! (.1% easier than saiyans!)

    Humans; The most basic race of them all! They are well balanced and keep up with Saiyans in most places! (Easiest alongside namekian!)

    Namekians; The people of Namek, strong willed and have two types. Dragon clan known for their ability to create dragon balls, and the warrior clan known for their great power. They are very powerful, especially in Ki. (Easy as humans)

    Arcosian (Frost Demon); The people of Freeza’s race. They are generally a cold-hearted species (haha puns). They are very domination focused and tend to be fairly powerful. They are very few in known numbers. (About 10% Easier than a saiyan is to be).

    Majin (Boo race to be proper), however variants such as the Shadow Demons and such are also here); The Boo race, known for their extreme endurance and the ability to manipulate their shape. They are fast learners, but not generally the most intelligent. They are rather strong fighters. (They are the same as arcosians in difficulty)

    Shinjin/Core People/Supreme Kai; These are the people coming from the world of the Kai’s. They are rather powerful, and very intelligent. Only 80 can live on a planet at a time. They are born from the golden Kaiju fruit. (They are the absolute hardest to get almost impossible!)

    Demon (Dabura); People of the demon realm. Rule by Demon King Dabura, also features a large variety of special powers. They are adept at magic, and are decently powerful.(About like Majins and Arcosians).

    Android; as you would expect a human who has been modified to posses unlimited ki. Such as android 18 and 17.(Around the same difficulty as a half saiyan.)

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    btw i need your guys’ discords before you submit

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    Name: Kazuko

    Race: Half Sayain

    Age: 14

    Back-Story: A long time ago five saiyans worked together to create a super saiyan god that would defeat the evil saiyans that were threatening their world. After successfully defeating these evil saiyans the super saiyan god technique was passed down from generation to generation. Hundreds of years later saiyans began to be corrupt once more but this time they had another trick up there sleeve. They had come up with their own version of super saiyan god which was appropriately named super saiyan demon which this form was significantly stronger than super saiyan god. The good Saiyans put up a good fight but were ultimately defeated. The remaining good Saiyans fled to another planet using a ship given to them by one of the races they helped long ago. After a long journey, they came to a planet which they named earth. when they reached earth they had a dispute about how they would live there lives on this new planet. half of the Saiyans wanted to forget about the ways of old and learn to live naturally on this new planet while the other half wanted to lock themselves away from the world and try to reattain the knowledge they had lost while on the spaceship uninterrupted by the local life. Since they had conflicting beliefs they went their separate ways. The Saiyans that wanted to abandon the old ways eventually evolved losing their strength as well as their tails to accommodate for life on Earth they called themselves humans but they still had enough saiyan DNA to reproduce with saiyans while the other half kept their genes but sadly eventually lost the super Saiyan god transformation to time. Eventually, the Saiyans stopped hiding away and met up with the humans once more. Eventually, through interbreeding, they grew a half Saiyan half human population but sadly most knew nothing of their saiyan heritage Kazuko is one of those people. Kazuko’s father and mother were both half saiyans this gave him even more saiyan DNA then his parents had so he was born with a tail as a result his parents being partially saiyan were stronger than most ordinary people(Their Power levels were about 7 and 8). Kazuko’s Parents knowing that their son’s possession of a tail would get him bullied while in school decided it would be best if he was homeschooled. One day while waiting for his parents to come home he hears a knock at the door. Assuming it was his parents he hurried to open the door and greet them but instead of his parents, he was met with a man wearing formal wear. The man informed Kazuko that his parents had sadly died in a mass shooting. He showed Kazuko the photos and Kazuko asked to keep them and the man agreed to it he also told Kazuko that he had to come with him so he could have a good home. Not wanting to be put up for adoption he ran into the wilderness. While examining the photo he noticed that his parents had been slight scorch marks. Knowing that a gun could not possibly do that he decided to find out who or what killed his parents.

    How he acts: Since he has been homeschooled he does not know how to talk to other people too well so sometimes he may come off as rude. He hates to see innocent people get hurt because of what happened to his parents. Right now he is as brave as an ordinary person but he will progressively get braver as the RP continues. Being young he is a bit immature in his actions usually not seeing the big picture and this his immaturity will decrease as he ages in this RP.

    Fighting style: His fighting style will improve ass the RP continues. Right now since he does not know anything about ki he uses his fists and the occasional weapon

    Alignment: Right now he is Good but that may change as time moves on

    What he Wears: Jeans and a black plain shirt as well as a grey long sleeve undershirt underneath


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    um question how much quality needed for a sayian app and can I apply for a custom race?

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      ah of course you can apply for a custom race as long as its not op it has to be balanced and the quality for a saiyan application would have to be very high quality as saiyans are pretty much the strongest

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    Race:Half sayian,Half D,har
    General Appearance: Prefers to wears black and other dark colors, while having dark purple eyes and black hair
    Personality: Is very smart and keen to detail but likes acting out. Ethos is friendly to most people but he cannot stand innocent people being hurt. He always try’s to see the best in everyone, but this is also seen as a weakness by other’s around him. He is very headstrong and will try to voice his opinion about everything. He occasionally does dumb things for attention from others and he can’t help himself since it was a bad habit he has had from since he was little. Constantly thinks he has something to prove to others In a serious fight, Ethos will only give you one chance to stop due to him not having a lot of patience
    Backstory: Ethos as a child, did not understand why everyone hated him. In his foster home, He was mostly ignored and older kids beat him up like he did something to them personally. Ethos got the same treatment from adults, Whenever he saw one looking at him it was with spite and hatred.Ethos started to get tired of getting abused and he decided that if everyone hated him, He would become stronger so he would never be abused again. Little did ethos know that being strong would protect him physically, but emotionally he would still be vulnerable. He would be emotionally vulnerable his entire life, but it wasn’t his fault that he was born a half sayian- a race that is sensitive to strong emotions and was abused during the beginnings of his life. Ethos tried to be noticed by adults by causing trouble and and pissing the adults off. Ethos started to notice himself getting stronger every time those older kids messed with him and eventually those older kids posed no threat to ethos. Eventually he noticed the other kids leaving the orphan home and he started to wonder if this would be his life for ever. It seemed fate wanted to give ethos a chance as well, through a planetary standardized test that awarded the 99th percentile scores paid way into the Academy, D’har’s most prestigious academy in all the arts. Ethos had heard of the test through listening into to adult conversations and decided he wasn’t interested and he’d flunk himself on purpose, But then he heard them talking about him and how they were going to kick him out of the orphan home once he turns of age. Ethos was tough, But even he couldn’t survive outside with no protection. D’har had harsh weather that could kill a polar bear in it’s coldest conditions and could make a living chicken a fried chicken in the same time range and it didn’t help that the weather changed every hour. Ethos decided to get himself together and he studied for hours to get in the academy. When it came time to take the test ,he flunked every class but combat. He had made into the academy, But he didn’t like how his combat teacher looked at him like a polished gun. Ethos learned over the years that he was in the academy to control his Ki much better than the others in his class could like it was an innate talent. Ethos started to enjoy the academy until his planet went to war with it’s neighbor. Kids from the academy were being drafted all over the planet to fight and it didn’t help that the dead body’s were being used as fuel to power the planet. Ethos liked to fight but the war made him sick, so when a mysterious hacker leaked the drafting list and ethos found himself on it and he was disgusted to see that his combat teacher had recommended him to the war. The following night ethos decided he couldn’t stay on his planet so he could die. He tried to get his fellow students to join him but they were too scared to even listen to what he was saying. As ethos attempted to leave the academy, he was immediately stopped by his combat teacher midway. The teacher attempted to fight ethos and was almost instantly knocked down by ethos through quick chopping gesture to his chest. He looked the teacher in the face and saw something that looked like insanity. The teacher ripped his shirt open and revealed a neutrino bomb strapped to his chest and ethos was too slow to stop him from triggering it. Ethos would have died there if it hadn’t been for his D’har racial abilty to regenerate from near death but it costs about 60% of his ki to do it. When ethos woke up, he saw the academy in burning ruins and he saw ships floating over the planet. He ran to a repair stop despite his wounds and took a recently repaired ship and escaped the planet. Ethos didn’t want to go back to his homeworld , Because of the horrible place that it had become. So ethos traveled to many places such as yardrat and namek. When he was done travelling around he decided to go check on his planet and all his saw was empty space when he went home.Ethos felt a tug in his chest when he saw the rocks floating around like debris. His planet had been destroyed. Etho’s looked for a similar world to his own but the only one he found is earth. So he decided to protect earth and not fail it as he had his own world.

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    Fighting style: Ki

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    Name: Danny

    Race: Human

    Age: About 25

    Back-story: he lived at a Dojo in the middle of a forest somewhere on Earth. he was brought there when he was very young by my parents but then they left without a word. the Dojo is owned by my Grandpa who is an Elite fighter who can match even Mr Satan’s fighting power but of course when the World fighting Tournament came along when i was 10 (ish) i saw fighters who could fly and shoot beams of light out there hands and even the demon king piccolo was bested by someone who is unbelievably strong then at the age of 16 i took off in search of the same kind off fighting ability’s of the warrior named Son Goku and after a 2 years of finding differnt teachers to help me become as strong as Goku i finally found Korins Tower i managed to clime it Somehow and found the Cat named korin who trained me in the art of Ki teaching me all that he can in 5 years time i was far stronger than i had ever been before then i took of in search of Goku the strongest warrior that ive ever seen helping anybody i find on my journey.

    How he acts:He is a Naive individual who pretty much too friendly with other people. no matter what other people have endured in there past He will try to find the Goodness in everybody even if they killed his family or loved ones. he also loves sparing with other People no matter how strong they are even if there god level he will always wants to have a good time fighting.

    Fighting style: mainly uses fists to take out strong fighters. doesn’t use Ki attacks that much likes to get up and close to see if they can match his punches

    Alignment: Good likes to help if able to

    What they wear: has light blue Shirt with White pants and no shoes


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    Name: Onnio

    Race: Full Blooded Saiyan


    Back-story:Onnio was a Saiyan who was sent to earth, He got found by a martial arts teacher and that martial arts teacher was Master Blaze. After taking Onnio in as a child he started training him to become strong and cut his tail as a kid because he knew what could happen. Since Blaze saw Onnio’s tail he knew that Onnio was a Saiyan. Blaze fought Saiyans before and almost died trying. As the years went by Onnio got stronger more and more until he hit 16 years old he saw a white sphere with a red glass circle window coming down from the sky. Once Blaze saw it he knew it was a Saiyan. Blaze told Onnio to hide in his room as he went out to fight the Saiyans. The Saiyan was Beetro. Onnio couldn’t take it anymore and went to find Blaze, after watching Blaze fight Beetro and get beat to the ground he exploded and anger and dashed towards Beetro. But before he could reach him Beetro punch a hole right through Blaze’s heart and then he died, After getting even madder he ran to Beetro then started beating him and as Beetro fell to the ground he told Onnio that he was a Saiyan and Onnio was wondering what a Saiyan was but then he died before Onnio had a chance to ask. He fell to the ground and start crying as he saw Blaze on the ground dead, He got up and took Blaze’s body to the city because he didn’t want his body just to lie there. 2 years later Onnio keeps training to help people and become a hero. He didn’t want people to feel that he felt when Blaze died so he protects everyone and hopes for there to be peace everywhere.

    How he/she/it acts:He is outgoing and loves to have fun when he needs to get serious he gets really serious and tries to end stuff quickly. Onnio also likes to train with his friends and become really strong, he hopes one day he can become the strongest.

    Fighting style: He is skilled in both skilled in ki and close combat but perfers being up close and personal with his opponent.

    Alignment: Good (Pure of Heart)

    What they wear:He has long black hair similar to Beat’s hair from Dragon Ball Heroes, He wears an orange and blue gi like Goku. He has navy blue eyes and is fit but still strong (A body similar to Super Saiyan God Goku). (I just put what they look like and wear)

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      not enough information for a full blooded saiyan it would have to be like 2-4 paragraphs to make a good saiyan application

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    But it is 2-3 Paragraphs

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