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    Hey Guys I wanna start up a Rp on kik im even making a special kik account for the rp so just post a character submit as follows things with * at the start are required


    *Name: Random Name

    *Age:14~ (some races really have no age so just put 0~ if you have a Majin or a Android, Bio Android ect ect)

    *Race:(you can have any race within the Dragon Ball Universe including Demon, Bio-Android-basically cell but not necessarily a bug man it could have a human like form like android 17 & 18 or look like any other race- Android, Majin (buu race), Full Saiyan, Half Saiyan, Nemekian, Arcosian (Cooler, king cold’s race or erm Frieza’s race) and any other custom races but please state what the race is if your going to choose a custom race almost forgot aswell the Razeh (a humanoid race but when they transform start looking like a demonic creature another custom race of mine)

    Backstory: not required but would be fun to know your character’s backstory

    *Power level:(starting power levels must be from 1-50’000)

    *Starting moves: (the only move I will allow to be copied is Kamehameha but only the base Kamehameha which will later evolve into super Kamehameha, other moves must be custom and explained with damage threshold as follows low-med med-high high-extreme extreme-planet destroyer, but starting charecters must have low-med damage attacks later they can evolve)

    Transformations:(if your race has transformations you will only start at your base form at the beginning but will gain further transformations as you go and grow more powerful)

    I will name the available transformations now, Note Kaioken x1-50 is available for all races as a sub transformation but cant be used injunction with transformations with the exception of the human race which isn’t exactly a transformation more of a buff form

    Full/Half Saiyan:kaioken-x2-x3-x5-x10-x20-x50-Fake Super Saiyan(basically a golden aura kaioken) Super Saiyan-Ascended Saiyan-Super Ascended-Ascended Saiyan 2-, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 5(super saiyan 3 style hair with long end bangs that come down over the shoulder with furrowed brow of super saiyan 3, also with base super saiyan its gold) Super Saiyan 6(only needs to be obtained once through fusion then is available through all the states, a longer more spiky super saiyan 4 with furrowed brow of super saiyan 3, also with base super saiyan its gold) (all forms beyond the point of super saiyan 5 & with exception 6 are treated as a separate state or a high form of the base super saiyan transline 1-6 with a hair color change and significant power boost everything beyond super saiyan god i.e starting at Super saiyan god super saiyan is a new higher form which is permenant until you power down to your base form so basically its your new super saiyan form) Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 1, SSGSS 2, SSGSS 3, SSGSS 4, SSGSS 5 (exception SSGSS 6) (beyond here are custom- and a familiar- super saiyan translines) Super Saiyan Kai (White Hair, Purple Aura & eyes- with Full Saiyans your ears become like the kai’s and your skin turns a ash color but this dosent carry over to any further translines) SSK 2, SSK 3, SSK 4, SSK5, (exception SSK6) Legendary Super Saiyan (really just the yellow greenish hair from broly’s form and a green aura) LSSJ 2 LSSJ 3 LSSJ 4 LSSJ 5 (exception LSSJ 6), Super Saiyan Ultimate (a Bright Orange at the tip of your hair with red as a base, orangish-red eyes, and orange & red aura this is a state similar to super saiyan god) Super Saiyan Ultimate Super Saiyan (same form as ultimate but your new super saiyan form) SSUSS 2, SSUSS 3, SSUSS 4, SSUSS 5, (exception SSUSS 6) (the final transline) Super Saiyan Cosmic (a sort of rainbow of random colors constantly cyleing in small parts of the hair this state is also like super saiyan god) Super Saiyan Cosmic Super Saiyan, SSCSSJ 2 SSCSSJ 3 SSCSSJ 4 SSCSSJ 5 (exception) SSCSSJ 6

    Arcosian: base form (kaiokens), a slight beefed up form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, 4th form, 5th form (cooler’s base form) 6th form (Cooler’s Transformation) 7th form (this can look however you wish)

    Namekian: (side form is the giant form) Super Namekian (a more muscular form) SN 2 (a even more muscular form) SN3 (a EVEN more Muscular form) (namekians also have the ability to fuse with other Namekians but im going to make this Temporary so no one loses charecters to a fuse also potara is off limits)

    Human: Super Human (a Very Muscular form like Master Roshi)

    Triclops: Super Human aswell

    For custom races you must explain the new form and there will be no acceptance of a super saiyan 7~

    Alignment is also required and neutral, slightly good is accepted (slightly good would be your good but you have no concept of mercy)

    I will be participating in this rp and will make a special kik account for this rp with my character sheet as the first post i’ll fill you in on the name very soon

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    I Forgot to mention Androids can absorb the chips of other androids when they die and in response their form will change this also include bio androids

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    bruh this whole rp is too op

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    not at all if your talking about the whole super saiyan translines that many suggests that the rp is going to be long besides theres not really any limits on power in the Dragon ball Universe aslong as you train really really hard besides theres a large gap inbetween gaining these transformations, androids really have no limits to how many chips they can absorb, Namekians either in the regards of fusion the only races that are really at odds are humans and Triclops being very limited in their power but not impossible to reach the scale of a Super Saiyan Cosmic Super Saiyan 6 plus I have a certain end enemy in mind that would need that kind of power to destroy plus theres aton of enemies to fight and events in between so no I don’t really think so

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    but really the rp is ganna be long if no ones interested i’ll just take the post down and be on my way its really meant to be a fun get away from the restrictions of the current movies and games to get intouch with fan stuff in a alternate timeline

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    Name: Froster
    Age: 0
    Race: Arcosian
    Powerlevel: No transformation (so frieza’s final form) 20M, 3rd form 280,000 2nd form 140,000 and 1st form 70,000 and his 5th form 60m
    Alignment: Slightly Good.

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    SüńGòd ED

    Why does this seem like…..My Rpg?

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      Sun God he isn’t copying it god! And it’s insane how much people place on your RPG do it on a different site or something sorry but srsly it’s insane how you can barely read any forum replies because of it.

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      SüńGòd ED

      I only said its like my RPG, I didn’t say he is copying it ._.

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      it has a similar setup for the character sheet but in no way will it be close to your rp sungod ^_^

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      your welcome to join in Sun along with your own I normally keep track of things so

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    (Sungod i will still be playing your rp i just want a play more rp’s with dbz )
    Will this be on kik or here
    Anyways this is my character
    Name: sam
    Age: 14
    Race: sayian
    power level: 50,000
    Backstory: none
    Starting attacks: shadow step (allows the user to create 5 afterimages each one can attack and will zero damage except the real one you can attack each one but the fakes will just die if attacked)
    Angels tears ( a blast that does 20 damage low)
    Midnight assassination ( a move that launches you into the air and starts attacking you 40 damage most powerful attack)
    Kira (A counter move that does the same damage as the last attack)
    (What is the kik chat)

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    I’d join, but I’m don’t think it’d be worth it to download a new program just for this RPG.

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    (Sorry) aligment: good
    Gender: guy

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    OK so the kik is Goken DBU-RP, or Type SenosaTheRoleplayer

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    I know im sorry if there was any easier chat system to use I would most deffinately move it to there

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    just send me a msg on kik and i’ll add you to the group or you can search the group under
    Goken’s DBU-RP #DBURP

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    Hey froster dude stfu sungod’s rpg is Awesome!

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    Name: Hadena
    Age: 12
    Race: Huyin (an elite warrior race that by default has much more body and endurance than others. This race has 3 transformations, Omega Huyin 1,2, and 3. The first transformation makes your skin 100x harder than katchin therefore upping endurance and body, 2nd transformation makes your skin 300x stronger than katchin upping endurance and body even more. 3rd transformation makes your skin 900x stronger than katchin upping your strength and endurance more. The 3 transformations can be buffed by powering up, at first when you’re trying to get used to the transformation you sacrifice a lot of speed but when you get used to the transformation you can be as fast as your limits can reach. This race’s “armor” can be bummed down if attacked by a ki attack in spiral form, like piccolos special beam cannon.)
    Power Level:45000
    Backstory: Hadena has been training since he was 3 years old and in those years he has learned to use the Omega Huyin skin without powering up, but only in certain parts of his body, like his arm, or he can turn full katchin skin for a burst of 1.8 seconds.
    Starting attacks: Basic Blade Fist: he turns his fist into a sharp blade of katchin, low med damage.
    Omega Shield: A short burst of katchin covers his body.
    Huyin Spear Fist Spiral attack: Turns his fist into a katchin spear and charges at his enemy at near faster than sound speed, penetrating all armor/body (depending on the enemies strength) med-high damage.
    Alignment: Innocently Good (like young goku)

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    #DBURP Search it in kick if you want to participate just make sure you send a character sheet and wait for my approval , we will be starting tomorrow

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    Im such a idiot I forgot to mention a couple things
    1. Majins will be able to go into a super form by separating from their evil or good selves then absorbing their old form then go into a true form as Super Buu transformed to kid buu, no absorbing player charecters please

    2nd Namekians will retain the powerboost from their fuse but will separate from each other after awhile don’t need people losing charecters to a fuse

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    Michael Goodwin

    Is this still active????

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    Can you please do it somewhere else? I don’t want this filling the whole reply section.

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    Is this thing still active?

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    Júlio Monteiro

    NOME: Ice

    Corrida: Arcosian

    Idade : 0

    Backstory : um Arcosian com um poder enorme nasceu com um senso de justiça diferente de seu irmão , que os dois tiveram uma luta para definir quem seria o Imperador do universo.

    Nível de potêncial: no modo mínimo de , sua segunda forma é de e elevando para sua terceira forma a de ataque vai para e a sua base é de e diferente de frieza tem uma forma que aumenta seu poder para

    Aparência : igual a de frieza só que azul claro a parte branca e mais azul escuro para parte roxinha e as formas arrendadas roxas são amarela. Sua forma base é toda azul e sua forma super com garras , um detalhe na cabeça como doisso chifres

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    Backstory:Ninjin Was Born Into The Royal Family His Parents Were Shisurama And Akina ‘ Ninjin Had An Older Sister She Was 18 And Her Name Was Selipa If Shisurama Couldn’t Train Him Then Selipa Would Train Him. Later In The Day Ninjin And His Family Had To Go To A Meeting With The An Arcosian Emperor Called Shiver ‘ Shiver Said That Its Time To Eradicate The Saiyans Thats When Ninjin Burst Over The Table And Grabed Shiver By The Neck Shiver Blasted Ninjin Back Shisurama Screamed And Awakened The Super Saiyan Transformation And Shisurama Strangled Shiver Until He Couldn’t Breathe The Rest Is Will Be Unlocked In His Adventure (Basically Means The Rest Will Be Done In Rp)

    Power Level:39’906
    Staring Moves:KameHameHa Double Flash-Out Blazing Blaster Sonic Wave Saiyan Knuckle Dragonhameha

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      “Posted November 18th, 2015”
      Don’t worry, you’re only a little over 2 Years late.

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