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    Hello! My name is Jack and this is my Dragon Ball Super Roleplay this is the second post of updated info we have finished off the first kai who killed zamasu and took his plans and used the super dragon balls during the universe 6 tournament and swapped with a strong warrior (kazuko) and almost destroyed everything but his time was up and got sealed inside his own dragon balls who knows… he could return… the tournament of power countdown has started as well so we need some more strong fighters like you guys we don’t have many people we have me an arcosian and 2 saiyans (kazuko and abry) i would like to see some more applications and remember im not looking for too many more saiyans because they get lots of things the other races are cool as well trust me





    How he/she/it acts:

    Fighting style:


    What they wear:

    Saiyans; The saiyan race, usually uses vegetable puns for names. We currently have 1 full saiyans, but please don’t flood us with low-quality applications. Of course all races will be able to transform, Saiyans have the primarily strongest forms, excluding SSJ3 Vs. Golden. (Hardest to get race)

    Half-Saiyans; The hybrids of saiyans and humans, or possibly other races (who knows?!). Half-Saiyans posses greater potential than a full blooded saiyan does, however most lack the will to fight. Of course just as strong as a Full Saiyan! (.1% easier than saiyans!)

    Humans; The most basic race of them all! They are well balanced and keep up with Saiyans in most places! (Easiest alongside namekian!)

    Namekians; The people of Namek, strong willed and have two types. Dragon clan known for their ability to create dragon balls, and the warrior clan known for their great power. They are very powerful, especially in ki (Easy as humans)

    Arcosian (Frost Demon); The people of Freeza’s race. They are generally a cold-hearted species (haha puns). They are very domination focused and tend to be fairly powerful. They are very few in known numbers. (About 10% Easier than a saiyan is to be).

    Majin (Boo race to be proper), however variants such as the Shadow Demons and such are also here); The Boo race, known for their extreme endurance and the ability to manipulate their shape. They are fast learners, but not generally the most intelligent. They are rather strong fighters. (They are the same as arcosians in difficulty)

    Shinjin/Core People/Supreme Kai; These are the people coming from the world of the Kai’s. They are rather powerful, and very intelligent. Only 80 can live on a planet at a time. They are born from the golden Kaiju fruit. . (They are similar to Saiyans in difficulty).

    Demon (Dabura); People of the demon realm. Rule by Demon King Dabura, also features a large variety of special powers. They are adept at magic, and are decently powerful. (About like Majins and Arcosians).

    Android; as you would expect a human who has been modified to posses unlimited ki. Such as android 18 and 17.(Around the same difficulty as a half saiyan.)

    feel free to make custom races but nothing too op make sure its balanced so nothing like a half kai half saiyan or something like that no half dieties or dieties at all for applications! and no applying starting with forms you must earn them through the actual rp!

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    Um… You stole my role plays layout. You should really think about hosting a role play, because if you are too lazy to even come up with your own race info and layout the is it really a good idea for you to be hosting a role play? Also at least give credit, that would be better then just stealing it.

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      oh, sorry i gave credit in my first post i thought i left it in when i made this one

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    Name:Shiver Race:Half-Saiyan Age:11 Backstory:Unknown How He Acts:Nice Fighting Style: Nice Close And Personal Alignment:Good What He Wears:Unknown

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