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      Hey ! Thank’s for stopping by!
      Since we have progressed in the story we felt like fresh members would be a nice adittion!
      The story will mainly take place in the earth, and there are many, many, many sides, races and options to choose:
      Name: If you are applying for a race which names are puns explain them please!
      Age: From kids to people who are thousands of years old!
      Appearance: Hair, clothes, scars. Anything is acceptable (If you could post a screenshot that would be awesome!!!)
      -Majins: A race made of gum-like humanoids with various skin tones and antenna on their heads. Shape-changing bodies that allow them to easily mold their flesh, allowing them to effectively dodge attacks and extend and enlarge their limbs. They have one hell of a skill that is absorption, and have “Buff form” and “Full release” as transformations.
      -Nameks: They are humanoid with plant and slug-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae. The name “Namek” is taken from the word namekuji, which means “slug” in Japanese. Namekians do not need food to survive, only water. The nameks are split into 2 different clans: The Dragon and the Fighting Clan. Namekians have skills like: Enhanced hearing, Regeneration, Stretching, Magic Materialization, Healing, a long life span, they can turn into giants and fuse with other Namekians to gain a huge power boost
      -Frieza’s race/Arcosians: Frieza Race is the mysterious race that Frieza, King Cold, Cooler, Kuriza, Frost and Chilled belong to. They are a race born with inmense and terrifying power. To suppress their power, they have a variety of forms and in sometimes they can even create their own to surpass their limits!
      -Demons: demons usually are humanoid-shaped, bulky, gray/green/blue/pink, and have three toes on each foot. Most of them live in the Demon World, under the leadership of an evil-hearted deity called Makaioshin. They are one of the crucial races in this roleplay because demons are a big part on the lore. They can have a muscle increase and a full release of their power
      -Humans: inhabitants of planet Earth. The term is used inclusively to refer to all of the intelligent races native to the planet, including humans, anthropomorphs, and monsters. They are one of the fastest learning races! They have a huge potential and if trained properly they can provide a heavy smack!
      -Kais: The Kais originally come from a planet called Kaishin, which is basically a larger version of the planets that the four Kais call home (such as King Kai’s planet). On the planet, there are gigantic trees, the Kaiju, and the Kais are all born as Shinjin from the fruit of those trees. Shinjin average life expectancy is said to be 75,000 years. They are the best to learn new abilities and attaining specific features
      -Saiyan/Saiyan Hybrids: A naturally aggressive warrior race who were supposedly striving to be the strongest warriors in the universe. Their names are always puns referred to vegetables. In this story the saiyans are not extinct but they are weak race. They have the ability under circumstances to transform into different forms. They aren’t the smartest among races although their learning is fairly good.
      -Custom : This is a chance to show your creativity! Here you can feel free to create and do your own race with your own abilities that we assure you will be a thing we’d love to have!

      Alignment: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic/ Good, neutral or bad
      Story: You need to write a backstory of your character. I won’t be too annoying with the grammar and such but I ask for originality and variety. What I mean by this is … NO GOKUS.
      Abilities: This is the most exciting part! You can make your own special and characteristic individuality! Be original! Surprise us with a thing that makes your fighting style unique! Of, course if you want! Or you could simply describe your fighting style

      Thanks for reading all of the post! Have an awesome day! I hope you have fun!
      By the way, post your discord so I can add you to the server and give you all that we will use!

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      Name: Son NoGokhu
      Age: 63
      Race: Saiyan (low class)
      Appearence: same as goku
      Alignment:Good, when he was a kid he hit his head with an ant called tiago
      Story: same as superman
      Abilities: Kamehameha,Spirit bomb,Kaioken,Dragon fist,Galick gun, final flash, burning attack,hakai,limit breaker, ss 3,2,1,4,5,6 and super saiyan blue super saiyan 3

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        You are an idiot Antro xD

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      ¿El servidor es español o inglés?

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        la verdad es ambos , pero preferentemente ingles

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        piensas aplicar?

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      Kitsune 火

      the rp server is still on?

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      Sniver Akashi

      Basic Info_
      Name: Shalion
      Name’s Origin: Shalion’s name is based off of the two vegetables Shallots, and Onions. The way that his name is pronouced is (Shal-li-on)
      Race: Saiyan.
      Gender: Male
      Age: 20
      Appearance: Shalion Has long Pure black hair, that goes down to his waste. He also has a battle scar going down his left eye from one of his fights with inhabitains of a planet ruled by demons. His right eye has a lonely shade of dark brown to it.
      Shalion has the body type of a slim yet somewhat bulky person. His muscles aren’t really big they just seem that way because of the way that he stands. He has a burn mark covering his left pectoral and the top of his left arm. This causes a decoloration his dark shade of brown skin. The burn mark is a shade of dark grey. His tail is long and bushy kind of like a brush.
      Shalion’s wears a black gi with a simbol of his old master out of respect since he died of a heart attack while he was sleeping. He wears a red undershirt, and a black headband that was given to him when he was young.
      Personality: Shalion has a Strong headed yet secertive personality, he also doesn’t really like working with people that he doesn’t find worthy of him or the people he keeps around him. He always tries to keep to himself. When others try to interact with him he would normaly ignore you and not even think about what you sould say. He isn’t really the type of person that you would invite out to a drink or for something to eat.
      In battle Shalion test his opponent’s power, but if he thinks that you are to weak he will stop the battle and wait for you to get stronger. If he happens to think that you are strong he won’t hold back, he’ll come at you with full power. When it come to thinks fighting realated he excels past his peers, he has a talent for learning thing quickly.
      In Shalion’s personal life he would do anything for those he deems worthy. All of Shalion’s friend he treats like family. No problem is to big or to small for him if you are his friend. If you hurt his friend he will come after you looking for revenge. He always wants to make those in his family stronger and push them past their limits.
      Shalion will work hard for anything he does. Even in training he will make the most simple thing extremly hard. He always pushes his self past himself past his limits. Shalion acts this way because it was how he was raised. Shalion doesn’t really catch on to things quickly. He always try to do things that will benifit everyone. He doesn’t like being weak so he will do things that are within reason to get stronger.
      Shalion was a Saiyan the was sent to earth. He was found by martial artist in the mountians. From a young age Shalion acted diffrently he always kept to himself, but if he saw someone getting bullied he would try to help. Even though he couldn’t really do anything he always tried. Shalion was very weak and that bothered him so he would try to find ways to get stronger. One day he ask his father or the martial artist who found him to start training him.
      When Shalion first started training he wasn’t good at martial arts but he kept training month affter month he quickly became better and better at fighting. Then his father started upping his training with weighted clothing at first Shalion could barely move but then after a weak or 2 with this training he quicky started to get used to it.
      After a year or two of his training with his father, the father decided that he can’t keep Shalion hidden from the world for much longer so he started to send Shalion to other places to make delivery or to train with the people that were their. This task was one of the hardest task for Shalion since he likes to keep to his self most of the tiime.
      One day while Shalion was on a delivery he came across a little kid who was getting alsulted by builles. Shalion didn’t go to help instead he watched what was happening to see if he was worthy of his help. He started to listen in on what they were saying. “Give us all of your money kid and we wont hurt you.” the bullies said the kid refused and said back to them “If you want to take my money you have to beat it out of me…” Then Shalion started to walk away but saw that the bullies started to beat up the kid, but the kid was trying to fight back so when Shalion realizes that he rushes in to help. He kicks the first bullie into the air then he hit the second bullie in the stomach and he said to the kid “i helped you with these two but you have to take out the last one on your own.” Then Shalion dissapeared.
      Shalion went on with the delivery he was making up untill he was knocked out and abducted by life forms not from earth. When he woke up he was in a holding cel in a space ship. Shalion panicked a bit until he saw other people in the cell with him he as where he was and whats hes doing their and they explained to him that he was abducted by aliens and will have to fight for his freedom in tournoment. At that momment Shalion wasn’t afraid he was excided to finally be able to test out his full strenght.
      Shalion’s first tournoment came up he thought it was gonna be something like the World martial arts tournoment back on earth but it wasn’t. These tournoments were battle royals. As soon as the annoucencer said “Let the battle royal begin” all the people started moving and fighting each other. veteran of the games saw Shalion and went to attack him because he was new and looked weak but they were soon defeated and thought that you cant judge a book by its cover because Shalion knocked them out and threw them into the out of bound area.
      After a few years of doing that Shalion is now 16 and and they kidnapped another person. but this person could escape ifhe wanted because this person was a Yardrat. This person was looking for Shalion because he heard of his strenght across the galaxy. so he went up to Shalion and said “You must be the Saiyan they call Shalion.” Then Shalion repiled with “Saiyan” then the yardrat explained the story of the saiyans leading up to the Beerus arc. Shalion was intrested in this infor. so then he asked about the saiyan that the yardrats thought and what did they teach him. the yardrat tells him all about the saiyan’s training on planet Yardrat. then the yardrat offered to give Shalion this training. Shalion accepted and the two were trainng together untill Shalion turned 19. Then they started to plan their escape.
      To escape the yardrat and Shalion set up many things like getting money, getting a space ship, and learning where earth was. Then the day finally arrived so the to hop on the Space ship but then the yardrat said “My purpose here is completeted goodbye.” and Instant transmission away from Shalion. Shalion could have Instant Transmissioned to the yardrat to stop him but he didn’t because he thought of the yardrat as family and if he wanted to leave and go somewhere else who was Shalion to stop him. So Shalion made it back to earth after a years trip. He is now 20 years old.
      On earth the first thing Shalion did was look for the energy of his father but he could not find it but he thought that it was only because he hadn’t been here for a while. so he flies back to his house to find out that there was a note lying on his bed that read “Shalion, If you are reading this that means your back home but somthing happen to me, if you are wondering were I am call this number xox-xxox-xyox” so Shalion did and learned that his father died of a hard attack in his sleep. Shalion was sad but then he was told that his father left something for him. The thing that was left was a custom gi that wa sblack and came with a red undershirt.
      Then he sense 7 large powerlevels leave earth at the same time really fast.(This is for the U6VSU7 tournoment.) He didnt pay mind to it so he kept going on with his life training every day.(This happens before the Enjin Game’s begin)
      Extra Information:
      ⦁ Instant Transmission
      ⦁ Ki Sense
      ⦁ Fly
      ⦁ Endurance
      ⦁ Oozaru
      ⦁ And the abillity to learn thing faster than others.
      (learned it from the Yardrat in the story, or the battle royals, or it is a race skill.)

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      Sniver Akashi

      you can pick around and take out some parts if its to far into the future for you guys

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      Sniver Akashi

      Discord is SniverPlayz#3997

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      I LOVED EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS!!! ABSOLUTELY IN! Congratulations! Dbz and dbs are not-cannon … but we can fix that!

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      Name: Uzi (called North Kai amongst the people)

      Race: Kai(Shinjin)


      Alignment: Good %100

      Appearance: Looks like King Kai from the anime, but younger and taller

      Backstory: Like every other Shinjin Uzi was born on the planet Kaishin. He thought that he wasn’t one of the lucky ones as he was born from a normal fruit, not a golden one like the Supreme Kai. But little did he know that he would become the North Kai of the Universe 7. Unlike the other Kais of the Universe 7, he is actually good at fighting too. He also has great intelligence and knowledge about the universe. He lives in his small planet located in the Other World. There he lets the people who are worthy train with himself and teaches them powerful ancient techniques that are being taught by the Northern Kais for centuries. He is also good friends with the Supreme Kai,. They occasionally drink tea together in Uzi’s planet. He is in a desperate search of a godly fighter, because he realizes that a big threat is coming for Earth and all the lives on it.

      Fighting Style : 65% Ki 35% Melee

      Techniques/Skills: Ki Sense , Flight , Godly Ki, Instant Transmission, Telepathy, Magic Materialization, Healing and two extremely powerful techniques his ancestors created.

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      Name:Ninjin Jr Age:11 Appearace:Black Hair Black Eyes Custom Gi Very Musciliar Race:Half-Saiyan Alignment:Good Story:Ninjin Jr Was Raised By His Dad Ninjin And His Mom Mia’ He Was A Bright Kid And Loved Going To School And He Trained With His Dad Everyday One Day His Mom Wasn’t Home But His Dad Was Home So Ninjin Jr Asked His Dad Where His Mom Was And He Said She Was Killed By Arcosian’ Since That Day Ninjin Jr Had Trained With His Dad He Droped Out Of School So He Could Protect The World With His Dad The Rest Of The Story Is Unknown Abilities:KameHameHa Hakai Galick Sphere Of Destruction Dragon Fist Tryant Lancer Super KamehameHa KaiokenSuper Saiyan Super Saiyan 2 Super Saiyan 3 Super Saiyan God Kaioken Discord:Jimbob#8531 Extra Info:He Can Also Go Legendary Rareley And Also Hates Full Blooded Saiyans Other Than His Dad

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      P.S He Is Apart Of The Royal Family Cause His Dad Is God Of All Saiyans He Is Prince Of All Saiyans

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      Kitsune 火

      Name: Shine.

      Race: Kai.

      BackStory:In the Kaishin planet, there was a Kaiju, people tought that the tree has died, because there was no other fruits growing there, Some people said that there were going to be a golden fruit, whose would give birth to a new god.
      Time passed, as a golden fruit started to grown in that Kaiju, everyone nearby got surprised, the ”prophecy” was true, a god was going to born from that fruit.
      as the golden fruit grew up, another fruit, started to grown, and another, some supreme kais were confident that the new supreme kai who was going to born from that tree, was the god who would clean the evil from the world, and bring peace to the mortal plan. Time passed, and the Golden Fruit gave birth to a Supreme Kai, in his birth, The kais who were wating for his birth, got surprised with his power/look.
      He was strong as a supreme kai, but he had characteristics of a normal kai (He had a normal shinjin appearence.), in the same time, the supreme kai of that region, teleported to the new born kai, impressed by his potential, the supreme kai named Tayouza, offered power and training, in exchange of a eternal loyalty, Shine accepted it, tough he didn’t wanted to be commanded.
      Shine trained with Tayouza, curious, Shine knew the intentions of Tayouza, he wanted to fuse with him to get his power, and do something horrible.
      In the same time, Shine made a ”sword” with his ki, and Killed the corrupted Supreme Kai.
      Nobody knew that Shine did that, and he got Tayouza’s occupation, He needs to look over the mortals, and be sure that they dont destroy themselfs.
      But, he actually got bored, so he knew that Earth was a full-life planet, and decided to go there, to watch the mortals and punish the bad ones, with more ease, He decided to be the new ”peace-bringer” to that planet, and protect earth with his life.

      Appearence: Shine has a very light purple skin color, his hair is white as the snow , and his eyes are silver-white color.

      Abilities: He can manipulate his ki to make a ”dagger-like” energy (Just as Vegetto.)

      My discord id is #4360.

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        I need the full discord name! (name and numbers)

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      Kitsune 火

      Discord is Licorice#4360.

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      Don’t forget to add me, i am the North Kai Uzibozi#9470

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        it’s still king kai with mod-model. Sorry XD I can’t accept that

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        I really don’t understand. I mean, King Kai isn’t the only North Kai in the Dragon Ball franchise. I know that my first application was inspired by King Kai but the second application has clearly nothing to do with him. If you didn’t like that part where i said my character lived in Other World, well other Kais lived in Other World too, for example the Grand Kai. Or if you thought that i modeled King Kai because i said that my character teaches techniques, all of them are known for it, It’s in their nature, they are very wise and have great information on all things. I honestly think that this was a little bit unfair, because i think the guy who applied to be the Supreme Kai clearly modeled Shin from DBZ/DBS, but he got accepted anyway, but i didn’t. My apologies if i sound rude 🙂 I know that you are a great guy, but i really wanted to tell these to you. I really wanted to be a North Kai, but i can apply for another race if you guys don’t want me to be a Kai. It would be cool if you gave me some recommendations on which race to pick. My thanks to you!

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      can you accept mine i did it again

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        you must be joking right?

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      • Name: Polara
      • Age: Unknown
      • Appearance: Black. https://gyazo.com/6505157dc496e458afaa6abd1c3b4d13
      • Race: Frieza’s race/Arcosians:

      • Alignment: bad/Evil
      • Story: Polara is known as an evil galactic emperor who wasn’t satisfied with ruling 1 galaxy. No. He wanted more. Polara had a whole space ship: https://gyazo.com/4ed456c36c2b031a115a65d70932c598
      Polara had an Elite Squad known as the Peelo Squad. Don Peelo was the leader of this squad and commanded Lisa, Tomatil and Hailo. Peelo responded to Polara’s commands and they had been at war with Sunlace. Sunlace was a foolish girl who was powerful and stood in Polaras way of dominating more than the galaxy itself. Sunlace had wiped out and taken Polaras army and Polaras ship away. They had to hide in a secret base, Sunlace eventually traced them down and took out Don Peelo and the rest of the squad away, it’s unknown wether they died, or if they’re still alive somewhere. Polara decided to face Sunlace once and for all. Polara managed to defeat Sunlace with the overwhelming power that was granted by training hard for once in his entire life! But turns out, after killing Sunlace, the God of Destruction Tysu appeared. Polara didn’t know what a God of Destruction was capable of, and insulted Tysu. Tysu with a flick of his finger, sent a hakai on Polaras way. Polara was absorbed, completely helpless. Polara tapped into his inner strength and managed to open a rift in dimensions and attempt to escape. Turns out that it was a portal to another universe. Polara is now lost and unsure what to do. But will he now terrorize the new Galaxy he has found? And with his newfound power, maybe the universe?
      • Abilities: Speed. Polara has immense speed and top tier defense, almost inpenetrable and very hard to attack. During the fight with Sunlace, Polara has aquired a skill allowing them to attack at very high speed in a very short amount of time, meanwhile it drains a lot of stamina and can leave Polara vulnerable if not careful (Kaioken). Polara can transform into a new state for newfound power (although not learned yet, or simply just forgotten, that comes later. Basically super form or whatever with Golden form). Tailstrangle; Polara is sadistic and could strangle his foes with his tail (or worse: Rape). Kisuppression: Don Peelo had taught Polara the means of controlling ki further, how important it can be to keep your power held down. Therefore Polara has found ways to transform himself weaker in order to save power. Ki sense: Polara has learned how to sense ki after learning how to save their own strength and hide it down.
      Polara is known for being a ruthless Laser user who shoots a very fast small laser at their opponent. Polara likes to pump a lot of power into that one laser and holds back on using multiple.
      Polara can also shoot a disc, although very rare and almost never used, it’s not known for it’s damage, but rather it’s speed.
      Polara can hurl a gigantic blast, known to be able to wipe out a solar system in one explosion.
      Polara uses their speed to tactically maneuver their opponent and likes to strike where and when they cannot see, it is a disgusting style and Polara is all about being disgusting, as long as there is a means to win.
      Durability: Polara can survive the toughest of situations at the brink of death, is it because of luck? Or rather because Polara is very durable? Polara was feared the most because of no matter what people did, it didn’t seem like Polara took damage. The hopelessness and immense fear before being killed at speeds faster than the speed of light gave people the chills.

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        My discord: Purple K#2719

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        Well, aside from the whole god of destruction thing, this application is really good. The reason I bring of the God Of Destruction thing, is because we already have an entire god system on this server. So, aside from that, me and the team are debating over your application, so I’ll put it as a maybe.

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      Name: Cortana
      Name Pun: Being a Bio-Android, I decided to name the character after a form of artificial intelligence, originally planning on using the names Mycin, Lida/Ida and Siri. However, the names Mycin and Lida just didn’t seem right, and Siri was an Apple Product, which contradicts the whole ‘Android Concept.’ As such, I went for the Microsoft AI named Cortana, as they usually utilise Android Technology.
      Age: N/A (For being a Bio-Android, the body does not actually age physically, remaining at it’s ‘prime age’ for beneficial reasons. However, due to this, they have several problems mentally, which turns the concept of pseudo-immortality into more of a disadvantage, than an advantage, such as:
      • Virtues of Morality
      Our interest in, and engagement with life. The act of numbering our days conditions us “for making them count, and for treasuring an appreciating all that life brings.” – Kass
      As such, without the process of aging, we lose sense of our lives. As such, we lose sense of accomplishment, and most importantly, commitment. Our sense of meaningfulness of time is gone, severed, even.
      • Eternal Bore
      With the addition of an indefinite life-span, brings indefinite bore. As Callahan and Hackler say, “Longer life means more time for boredom to creep in.”
      Boredom has also been scientifically dangerous for mental illness. In fact, they usually lead to compromising of situations, making us more likely to act out on our delusions or paranoia.
      • Relative Time Reduction
      Time seems to pass more quickly, as one’s age, which originates from the fact that the older you are, the smaller proportion of your life is changed in how it’s perceived. At 10 years old, a year is one tenth of your entire life; whilst at 100 years of age, a year is only one hundredth of your life, as such, the year is perceived as shorter. It’s debatable whether there is a limit to this phenomenon, and whether we will perceive days as becoming progressively shorter and shorter.
      • Loss of Loved Ones
      How could I not include this one? Being the most notable out of the 4 downsides I have chosen. With a never-ending life-span, one would live generations ahead of those that they love, seeing them all eventually die.
      Race: Bio-Android
      The original Bio-Android, Cell, was composed of the cells of Saiya-Jins, Namekians and Arcosians (Frieza’s Race). Due to Bio-Android’s biological/organic nature, they’re the only known model of Android’s capable of being sensed via Ki-Sense. Bio-Android’s usually have multiple forms, such as:
      • Larval Form
      o The form that most members of the race take when they are birthed, this form eventually matures into the Imperfect Form.
      • Imperfect Form
      o Sometimes referred to as the original form, and in rare cases, such as Genome from Dragon Ball Heroes, is seen as their ‘base form.’ Although vague, Cell had to absorb Androids before gaining access to his later forms, though it may be possible to access them without the use of Androids.
      • Semi Perfect Form
      o The Semi-Perfect form has only ever been seen by the original Cell, as it is a midway between Imperfect and Perfect, that was obtained when he absorbed one of the androids. However, it may be possible to entirely skip this form.
      • Perfect Form
      o The form Cell takes after absorbing the Androids. This is usually thought to be the ‘pinnacle’ of all forms, however, it is theorised that one can go ‘even further beyond.’
      • ‘God Power’
      o In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Bio-Android Genome can take a god-state like all the other avatars. His god state appears as a red version of the perfect Bio-Android Form. However, some have theorised that Cell has the potential, due to Frieza’s cells, to take on his ‘Golden Form,’ which could also be another potential ‘God State’
      • ‘Saiya-Jin Forms’
      o The Bio-Androids who share cells with the Saiyan Race, can utilise their Saiyan traits to achieve new forms. Cell was shown to utilise Trunk’s Ultra Super Saiya-Jin, or Super Saiya-Jin Third Grade form, which implies he has access to the SSJ transformations. And after surviving a near-death experience, he gained access to his Super Perfect State, which was Cell’s equivalent of SSJ 2, and cause Bio-Electricity to crackle in his aura. Not only this, his ‘skin’ turns a tad lighter.
      Not only this, Bio-Android’s have access to a range of skill shared from the cells of other races, such as:
      • Regeneration (Namekians. Seemingly Enhanced.)
      • Tail-Absorption (Only shown in use in the Imperfect, and Semi-Perfect State.)
      • Energy Field/Android Barrier (Noticeably used by most Androids.)
      • Self-Destruction (Again, all Androids have access to it. Combined with the Regeneration Skill, however, can cause this to be abused.)
      • Flight (Due to the fact Frieza never trained a day in his life, yet knew how to fly, implies that Arcosians can naturally fly.)
      • Mimicry (A Saiya-Jin trait. However, this may just be Goku.)
      • Infinite Energy/Ki (Androids have a seemingly infinite amount or rely on others to fuel their Ki Supply. However, Bio-Androids being a much more advanced model, would imply that they have infinite stamina.)

      • Ectomorph (A lean, or ‘delicate’ build of body. Finds it difficult to gain muscle or fat.)
      • Female-Anatomy
      • Exoskeleton takes on a mixture of Yale Blue, and Steel Blue. The spots are much lighter in colour, being a shade of Viridian. (The blue exoskeleton was not only a reference to the Deep Blue and Blue Brain project AI. Not only this, it’s also a nod to the Android Simulator, Blue Stacks.)
      • Bubble-Gum Pink hair falls from the top of the ‘Crown’, being messy, though kept up, akin to that of Vegeta’s own hairstyle.
      • The ‘Skin’ underneath the exoskeleton takes a darker colour, being charcoal, instead of the ivory white colour of Cell’s own skin.
      • The eyes take a noticeable pale-red colour.
      • Although, a far from noticeable feature, their brain is also Blue, as is their Blood. This is yet another reference to the Blue Brain Project.

      Alignment: Chaotic Good
      Story: Originally created by the Brief’s Company, Capsule Corps, as a means of intergalactic space travel, and to communicate with ‘Aliens’ as such, Cortana had ultimately failed, due to the ‘lack of information.’ Discarded for it’s failure, the ‘core’ of Cortana had remained dormant in Dr. Brief’s workshop, being tinkered ever so rarely.
      However, due to a miss-encounter of cell, the larval state coming from a completely separate timeline altogether, had perished, unable to survive due to the location of it’s arrival. However, the deceased creature was soon located by Ms. Briefs of all people and Brought to Dr. Brief’s attention. Though, not being entirely capable in Genetics, he had a co-worker look into it, them finding the creatures Bizarre Biology to be quite fascinating and giving Dr. Briefs a sample.
      In which, on one late night, in which the father of Bulma sit in a drunk stupor, implemented into the design of ‘Cortana’, literally, and metaphorically, brining it to life. The being, unlike Cell, showed no signs of hostility, being more civil instead. It’s capability to pick up on one’s speech dialect was incredible, however, as it easily learnt the Japanese Language from Dr. Brief, although, picking up on the drunk Stupor, ‘implementing it into their personality.’
      From that day forth, the ‘Drunk Cell’ was birthed. The Bio-Android soon learnt it had access to global technology, and even outer-space technology from earth, such as satellites. Not only this, their mind was linked to the WWW (World Wide Web) system, allowing them to feed on information from numerous of websites, with simple thought.
      The strange, drunken Creature, known as Cortana, then attempted to ‘learn’ from Humanity, cherishing it in many ways, loving it. However, this has lead to some…’technical problems.’ Whenever someone of the Human-Race is emotionally, or physically injured, Cortana will feel some form of hurt as well, acting Hostile towards the cause, and trying to negate the effect. They literally cannot bring themselves to fight Humans. Whenever these ‘malfunctions’ or ‘anomalies in the system’, as they have been called, occur, Cortana will either visit Dr. Briefs, or Dr. Meinu.

      • Regeneration (Namekians. Seemingly Enhanced.)
      • Tail-Absorption (Only shown in use in the Imperfect, and Semi-Perfect State.)
      • Energy Field/Android Barrier (Noticeably used by most Androids.)
      • Self-Destruction (Again, all Androids have access to it. Combined with the Regeneration Skill, however, can cause this to be abused.)
      • Flight (Due to the fact Frieza never trained a day in his life, yet knew how to fly, implies that Arcosians can naturally fly.)
      • Mimicry (A Saiya-Jin trait. However, this may just be Goku.)
      • Infinite Energy/Ki (Androids have a seemingly infinite amount or rely on others to fuel their Ki Supply. However, Bio-Androids being a much more advanced model, would imply that they have infinite stamina.)
      • Technology Manipulation (Implemented into the design by Dr. Briefs.)
      • Endurance (Having an overly Strong Exoskeleton leads to extra defence.)
      • Telepathy (Shown in use by both Cell, and Frieza.)
      • Instant Transmission (Copied from Goku’s Cells.)
      Fighting Style: To tank physical hits, and lead with explosive Ki-Blasts. 95% Spiritualist.

      (Extra Note) Due to Cortana’s model being created by Dr. Briefs, instead of Dr. Gero, they have seemingly ‘skipped’ most of the bio-android forms. However, this is simply due to their lack of existence, as Dr. Briefs would have seen it as a flaw, even. Also, plot. Whence Cortana has achieved higher forms, I will simply edit their Skin, for better suitability. Due to their Hair, and Saiya-Jin cells, And Need of tail, I request to, for the JinRyuu’s Dragon Block C Mod, classify as a ‘Half-Saiyan’ race.

      Discord: 💗-=P e r f e c t=-💗#4128

      • #38983

        Hiya, this application is REALLY good. But we are existing in a world where dragon ball doesn’t happen chronologically. We are in a different universe, and a different world. So, I’m going to put this as a maybe due to how good this application is. One problem we will have to deal with is someone is going to have to create you. Currently we do have one team that is working on bio androids. So we may be able to develop some lore with that. If you want to rewrite your app it’s fine, but we are putting it as a maybe because currently we don’t really “need” a bio android right now due to the fact we have one bio android that someone is creating.

    • #39125

      Name: Charybdis

      Age: 27

      Appearance: With his skin being a deep, leafy shade of green and his eyes the standard solid black, Charybdis is fully standard fare in terms of base features. He possesses a decently muscular physique, and is entirely devoid of scars, due to a combination of good luck and his Namekian genes. Generally, his outfit consists of a mixture of battle armor and sturdy cloth, the former for protection and the latter for warmth. Though he is physically similar to his counterpart, Scylla, differences in demeanor make them easily distinguishable. For his own part, Charybdis can be noted as always standing straight and rigid with squared shoulders, regularly punctuating his words with small nods and precise hand gestures, smiling only when bringing the axe down or delivering a quip, and generally acting like a bit of a stick in the mud.

      Race: Namekian

      Alignment: Lawful Neutral

      Story: The child of an off-world refugee fleeing one of Namek’s great droughts, Charybdis as a result spent all of his early life large and by in the company of those of strange race. Besides the inherent implication of his upbringing occurring outside of the traditional Namekian social bubble, however, his position—or perhaps, his predicament—meant that those times were always very hard. His father, feeling ashamed at his flight from his home in the face of adversity, never had any inclination to return, and spat up Charybdis’s egg with the intent of mind being to gain a helping hand, for he himself lacked much in the way of useful skills outside of his home village. Though his father was already quite old even before the son had fully grown, the two of them together were more than enough to accomplish odd jobs here and there, planet to planet, making enough to keep their ship that was both home and transport in good repair. In time, however, the elder Namekian would at least breathe his last, and Charybdis found himself the sole inheritor of what little he owned—and also now alone, for the very first time.

      For a good while, he continued on just as before, performing odd jobs and living as nomadically as ever. As the days rolled ever onwards, however, a new thought came to his mind, for he now spent quite a lot of time thinking. He considered how the average denizen of the galaxy possessed far less strength than his, and how he had seen the strong lording over the weak time and time again, and how he well and truly had no desire either to return to Namek, a world that had never truly been his home, nor to go an live his whole life with his name unknown to all. Thus, he took to a new trade, using his natural gifts and a good knack for handling scraps to pave his way as a bounty hunter.

      This arrangement worked wonderfully for many a year, until he had become quite seasoned. Never taking on any job too large but always managing to get his man, Charybdis had made a name for himself in at least some small way. In his heart of hearts, however, he found his situation less than ideal, stuck seemingly endlessly in a loop of what he viewed as mediocrity. Eventually coming to a decision, he first meditated for a great length of time, going uninterrupted for a period unknown to him, before at last, he cast off a part of himself, this lost part then taking the shape of a second person. Rather than removing evil from his heart or some such, however, what he took from himself was each and every aspect of his personality that he viewed as inefficient; no longer was there a hint of slothfulness, or self-doubt, or inattention in his persona, but neither was there truly relaxed calm, or complete empathy, or genuine friendliness, and many another aspect both positive and negative besides. This second being took on all of these traits, and being in essence the flip-side of the same being, also already possessed all of his knowledge and a perfect split of his power. Whereas Charybdis kept his old name, feeling that he was fundamentally still the same person, his new doppelganger christened himself Scylla.

      This accomplished, a partnership of sorts would form between the two, and for the next eight years, they would continue the same work Charybdis had once done alone, gradually making up for the divide in power that had occurred and becoming quite the deadly tag team. Now at the present day, the two are currently stopping on Earth, with Charybdis looking to resupply, refuel, and take some necessary R&R. As nothing has yet gone amiss, it seems to him that all on their little pit-stop will go smoothly…

      Abilities: Charybdis specializes in the usage of ki attacks, his martial proficiency being geared largely towards defense and deflection, utilizing agility for keep-away tactics. Rather than pepper the enemy with blasts equivalent of small arms fire, however, he prefers to bide his time and charge up large, individual attacks that deal great damage. Notably, his fighting style is especially focused on attacking in tandem alongside Scylla, using cooperative, coordinated strikes and distractions to confound and eliminate opponents. Naturally, his skillset also includes all the usual trappings of a Namekian of the warrior caste.

      (Discord: Red#1859)

    • #39126

      • Name: Scylla

      • Age: 8

      • Appearance:
      Contrasting his fission counterpart somewhat, Scylla appears somewhat shorter than Charybdis, with a generally lanky figure despite being a full-grown Namekian. His eyes are large and his pupils are small, leading to a beady glare. However, all physical differences are only apparent ones, and can be attributed to Scylla’s generally poor posture and slouch therefore. Scylla is almost never without a lopsided grin on his face, or some similarly exaggerated expression. He is an extremely eccentric and neurotic individual; he has a theatrical presence and frequently speaks with his body language as well as his words (which are often entirely too loud). He is generally scared of the world around him and the unexpected dangers that lurk around every corner.

      • Race: Namekian

      • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

      • Story: Despite an initial animosity between the two counterparts as a result Scylla’s existence as everything Charybdis deemed undesirable and inefficient, the two Namekians reached something of an agreement after a short period of infighting. With Charybdis’s life as empty as it is following the death of his father, and Scylla’s neurotic desire to prove to both himself and his better half that he could be just as good as him, the two halves joined forces and became whole.
      At least, in a strictly metaphorical sense.
      For the better part of eight years, the two Namekian counterparts showed a level of coexistence and cooperation that had never been seen before. Instead of being torn apart by their differences, they instead bonded over them. Instead of being split based on arbitrary good and evil, resulting in an inevitable conflict of interests, Charybdis had split based on his personality. Scylla is a creature born of perceived inefficiency, but his goals and ideologies remain identical to Charybdis’s own.
      It was inevitable that they would work together.
      While Charybdis worked to improve himself, Scylla worked to prove himself. To prove that he could be just as efficient as his other half, to prove that he wasn’t just a living tumor that Charybdis removed. Scylla’s desire above all other things is to be praised by his other half, and to make him acknowledge that he was wrong about his “inefficient” qualities.
      But that day has yet to come. Scylla mostly just loiters in Charybdis’s ship, makes a nuisance of himself, makes bad jokes, and kills people when told to.
      When Charybdis informed his brother that they were to stop at a relatively obscure planet, Scylla greatly looked forward for the opportunity to have a nice vacation. His mind was filled with mental imagery of saunas and hot springs, of harassing local indigenous species, and of swimming in the oceans. He needed to work on his tan, after all.

      • Abilities: Scylla is up-close and in-your-face. He is the fission counterpart of a powerful bounty hunter and knows everything he should to perform that job. Not only that, but Scylla fights dirty. Strikes to the neck, short-range Ki blasts kicking sand and dust in his opponent’s face, biting, scratching, and so on. His movements are so erratic, that, to the untrained eye, there’s no thoughtfulness or form to his fighting. Apparently wild and uncoordinated swings keep an opponent on their toes – or knock them right off of them. Scylla’s mastery of his own unique form of combat make him a unique opponent. With Charybdis supporting him in any given struggle, the two of them form a deadly pair, very literally two cooperative halves of one deadly whole.
      Also, stretchy arms. Be afraid.

      • Discord ID: Turbo Lover#8963

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      Someone would have to be stupid to not get you 2 in… Please! have a well earned spot!

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      Story:Shisurama was born to Son Togarashi and Shihon in the mounts miles outside of West City. He is the younger brother of Son Fon (Born in Age 1005). When he and Fon were very young, their parents were murdered by the beast hog known as the “Demon of the Forest”, which then orphaned them. From then on out, Fon and Shisuram were on their own for a large majority of their lives. To get food, they either had to hunt for or steal it. They wore the same clothes everyday, slept in different locations and had to overall, learn how to survive. Fon taught Shisurama the little he knew about reading and writing, cooking, and how to setup a campfire. However, through all the new things that they had to get used to, both had an innate feeling for fighting. Everyday, Fon and Shisurama always practiced their martial arts, however they weren’t very disciplined, though they continued to practice. Eventually, Fon and Shisurama accessed a new transformation. They would later on figure out that this transformation was the False Super Saiyan form. Fon was the first to achieve it, after a sparring session and things got rough, and then Shisurama unlocked this form a few days later.

      Abilities:Flight Ki Sense Fighting Inscint (A Toned Down Version Of Ultra Instinct) Ki Wave Dragon Fist Spirit Wave God Splitter Super God Fist Big Bang Kamehameha
      Discord Tag:Jimbob#8531

      • #39154

        And what happened after that? what was the beast? What is their goal?

    • #39155

      Fon Managed To Lock The Demon Away In A Secret Dimension An Their Goal Is To Get Rid Of Any Demon That Comes To Their Planet Aka Planet Earth

      • #39157

        You didnt mention the sealing, or how they did it, or what demon was it

    • #39156
      dajohn thomas

      • Name: Sonami tastumi

      • Age:Somewhere in the thousands

      • Appearance: Sonami has black hair with a white streak of whit on the side of his hair which is very clear to see, sonami wears a cloak over his black and red gi, he has a scar that’s slashed on his left eye.

      • Race:Half Saiyan/ Kai

      • Alignment: Chaotic/ Neutral

      • Story: Sonami was genetically made in a space lab that was at the edge of universe 6. he was made to protect a small planet with a low population, but what he didn’t know that he was sent to another planet instead of the one he was chosen to protect, since he was a failed project the scientist needed away to get rid of him. Sonami was a failed project but he was superior then the rest and some what evil in his own way, so they sent him to small dying planet that was planned to explode with everyone else on the planet on it by 14 years, yet Sonami was only the age of 4 when he was sent there to the planet with no name. Sonami later on grew to be 13, which is when his behavior got worse and worse, he started saying things like ” Your all pest to me” or “ill kill you all some day.” Then at the age 17 something in him snapped when he was called a failure, Sonami had flashback of when he was inside the testing tube hearing muffled sounds but the only word that he could really make out was when scientist kept saying to his creator ” fail, what a failure.” Sonami killed everyone on the planet and lined each and everyone of their body’s in a circle. He was beginning to believe he was insane so he blew the planet up himself, yet the explosion was so big and direct to his body, he had forgot his past and woken up on planet similar to earth but more dangerous and horrible looking and the ability after that he knew from the back was to fly but he slowly regain his memory while suppressing his powers not wanting another rampage to happen. Right now he’s probably sitting in a deep cave awaiting his long awaited death that will never come quickly.

      • Abilities: Most of his abilities are forgotten but sonami is a close range fighter, who usually dodges or counters others movements or physical attacks before attacking them directly or from the back, not really specializing in ki techniques but he does blast a ki blast its best to dodge


      • #39159

        you didnt write the discord sir! I can’t add you otherwise! (you are in!)

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        dajohn thomas

        discord: sin#9646 ( that’s my discord )

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        dajohn thomas

        did you get my discord?

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      the demon was an arcosian and the sealing well fon used a his own sealing move called Ruko Mazaka which basically wont let the arcosian out

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      dajohn thomas

      discord: sin#9646

    • #39178

      the demon was an arcosian and the sealing well fon used a his own sealing move called Ruko Mazaka which basically wont let the arcosian out

    • #39847


      Age: Well, it depends. He was made in Age 790, when the Love-Love Beam was created by Majin Buu and Miss Buu, and they made Baby Buu, so it depends on which age the role play takes place because he was pretty much a failed prototype of the technique.

      Appearance: A thin, yellow Majin with squinty eyes (that are completely white when he opens them), two long antennae things, an orange gi, brown Namekian-style pants, and blue-green Namekian shoes. You can actually make him in Dragon Ball Fusions as an Offworlder.

      Race: Custom : Lemon Majin (Lemajin for short)

      Backstory: In Age 790 when the Love-Love Beam was first created by Majin Buu, during testing before the technique could be perfected, Buu decided to take a break from practicing the new technique. As a snack, he decided to eat a lemon at his now fifty-four year old friend, Mr. Satan’s suggestion. Majin Buu despised it and spit all but two seeds out with disgust. He got really angry, but he was calmed down by Miss Buu. He immediately went to go to the bathroom since he really had to go (if you know what I mean :} ). Unknown to him, the two seeds he did not spit out were in the dung on the top. Eager to keep practicing the technique, Majin Buu forgot to flush the toilet and went back to training. THEN, when Mr. and Miss Buu tried the technique it worked!!… well sorta. The beam that would have created the new Majin offspring was too strong! It miraculously pushed the gum so hard that it began to ricochet around the room, into the bathroom, and right into the toilet. The beam and gum then affected both seeds in the toilet. After all the commotion, Buu realized he should have flushed the toilet, so he did. However, what he did not realize was that the first Majin offspring, Zesty-Pu was flushed down the drain. Because the seed was affected by the blast, Zesty-Pu wasn’t any ordinary Majin. He was a Lemon Majin. “Well, what makes a lemon Majin different from any ordinary Majin?” you may ask. Well, it makes the Majin slightly physically weaker, more agile, and more thin. And also, dare I say it, sour!!… what have I done with my life? XD
      The newly born Majin was open to a whole new open world of the sewer, and he had no clue what he should do. He just kept on exploring until he came to the surface… a desert outside the city. On the side of the road, he met a living piece of crap (literally) that could talk, float, and fight. He taught Zesty in the ways of the Rabbit Style martial arts (very quickly might I say as Majins are very quick learners). Zesty wanted to become stronger as that was really his only goal in life because that’s all he knew since he was just born. He wanted to find the strongest in the world just because he thought fighting was the most fun thing in the whole world, and after all, fighting’s really not that fun if there’s not much of a challenge. Even so when he was beaten in fights, he was a pretty sour loser, but learnt from his mistakes.

      Techniques/Skills: Ki Sense, High Jumping, Speed, the Lucky Rabbit Ray (a green, chargable wave attack that is his signature attack; while charging he can store his power to make himself physically stronger, faster, and more aware of his surroundings), the Licorice Laser (a quick laser that he usually uses in barage attacks), and the Transfiguration Beam (the most basic Majin attack; so far he can only make things become lemons or cookies).

      Fighting Style: Rabbit Style – A style of martial arts in which its user tries to keep his distance from its foe and fire ki attacks to defeat the foe. Also, tries to out-speed and dodge the foe to minimize damage. involves him using his ki attacks

      Discord: Pierce The Redstoner#3894

    • #39848

      Oh and I chose to call his style the ‘Rabbit’ style since rabbit feet are considered lucky, and you’d have to be miraculous to somehow shoot a laser beam into a toilet bowl in another room. Also, I decided to make the character not have a lot of character development yet because 1) he was just born and 2) I wanted him to grow throughout the role play.

    • #39852

      Name: Inouye

      Race: Hera. (Bojack’s race)

      Age: 16 (In Hera years)

      Back-story: As a child, Inouye was not a good person. He would always get himself into trouble, thought it was never too serious. Eventually, Inouye would accidentally kill another person of his race on his home world, this led to him being detained into a large secluded prison that was on his planet. Within this prison, he learned that it was more then just a normal prison… It was a prison that would conduct tests on the people who would go there, inhumane tests that would torture the inmates. Inouye was no exception. One day, after one of the newer tests was done on Inouye, he had, had enough. He had caused a revolt with the other inmates, them leading to destroying half of the prison, before one of the strongest members of his race had came to help stop the prisoner revolt. Well, it was going well until he had clashed fists with Inouye. Soon after they began fighting, Inouye would tap into a form that no one in his race would have ever reached before, as his skin grew green, and his hair turned from orange to red. The man saw this, and had felt his power, him feeling that Inouye’s power had rivaled his own. No… It had far surpassed his own power. The man looked on in shock, before it looked as if Inouye teleported, him appearing behind his back, as he easily broke the mans neck. Inouye had laughed out loud in victory, before his form wore off, and he fell to a knee, completely exhausted. Inouye knew that whatever that form was, it would help him in his future. He would stand up as he would say. “Listen up, my fellow past inmates. I think it is time that we leave this stinking planet, and form a group… a group of pirates that shall take over the universe!”. After his statement, there was a large roar of excitement, as they soon after were able to obtain a ship and leave the planet, them forming a group of space pirates. Well, the problem is, they had soon ran into an arcosian deep in space, and Inouye was the only surviver, as his ship went deep into space, searching for a planet that had life. (Input the planet where everyone is at, EX: earth, namek, etc. I am willing to be a villain for you if you want)

      How he/she/it acts: Inouye is a very prideful being, never willing to let others act above him, as he is very aggressive, and will deal with all of his problems with force if he feels that is the only way.

      Fighting style: How shall I say this… Power and speed, he feels there is nothing else needed within a fight, him only using his own physical power (and ki), to defeat his opponents.

      Alignment: Chaotic Evil

      What they wear: Inouye wears a pair of pants that go up to his waste, and a large green shirt, that has no middle to it, and only goes down to the bottom of his abs.

      Discord: DeadMemay#3847


      So I got bored and decided to make another character which could be a villain, if you are to allow me to join your rp server. (Which I really want to join)

      Name: Akasun

      Race: Genetically created Tuffle (Baby basically)

      Age: 30-60 years old (seems very young, yet very intelligent.)

      Back-story: Akasun’s creation was started many years before Planet Sadala was being destroyed. Akasun’s creator was old, a very old man that was the last of the tuffle race. He had decided to get revenge on all the saiyans that had destroyed, and took over his planet. Though he knew he wouldn’t live to see it, he had programmed into his computer that no matter what happens, Akasun MUST be created. And soon enough, Akasun’s creater had passed away, which meant only the computer could work on making Akasun, which would take many years. Now it is near present time within this RP’s universe, Still a long time away from the present, and Akasun is finally complete. He knows of his heritage and he knows that he must exact revenge on all the saiyans alive. And so, he had used all the technology on hand, to create a ship and search the universe, searching for where planet Sadala was, learning it was soon destroyed. He had thought long and hard for a while, before coming to the conclusion that there would be some saiyans that survived, and he used this idea that some were alive, to drive him to keep searching. After many years he had finally gotten searched many parts of the galaxy he was in, before going to one of the last destinations he hadn’t gone too, Earth.

      How he/she/it acts: Akasun likes to act cocky, and will always be smug in front of others, while he does enjoy mentally torturing those he thinks she disappear. Such as the saiyans, which he will stop at nothing to make sure they feel pain if he comes across any.

      Fighting style: Akasun likes to mentally harm people, doing things like taking over the bodies of their loved ones, and using them to fight them, or just using his own power to completely destroy the ones he is trying to kill. Akasun can control creatures with low power levels (say, 1-20,000) indefinitely, while if he tries to control anything that is much stronger, there is a limit, and anybody that far surpasses his power, is able to resist him, and make the him controlling the person, not as strong as he could be. None the less, when he takes over someone, he has the ability to use that persons race more then said person, like if he took over a saiyan, it would be much easier for him to learn how to go super saiyan, or to even evolve their forms.

      Alignment: Akasun is a being of pure hatred and rage, making him be chaotic evil.

      What they wear: Basically what Baby from Dragon Ball GT looks like as an adult.

      Discord: DeadMemay#3847

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      HEY ‘ @HyperjulioTheFire135 Is Being A MASSIVE DICK HEAD

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      Character’s Name:
      Karma “Bell”

      Alignment: Neutral


      Universe: 7




      “Supreme Kid of Crime” ~Multiple Cardinal Kai’s

      Team: N/A

      Personal Info:

      Age: 72 000

      Race: Shinjin/Supreme Kai

      Gender: Male

      Height: 5’4″

      Weight: Unknown

      Hair Color: White

      Eye Color: Purple

      Skin Color: Light Blue

      Blood Type: Unknown

      Birth Date: Year ??? 13th of January


      Being a relatively new Supreme Kai, Karma at some times can be childish, but shows great wisdom and intelligence, unlike the Mortals, he shows great knowledge about the Universe, his knowledge seemingly endless, some people may compare him to an Omnipotent Being. Having been tasked with watching over Earth for basically the beginning of his life, he has seen many events transpire, from the first organic being, to the discovery of fire, all the way to the arrival of the Saiyans. He shows great interest in all of Earth’s cultures, along with their inhabitants. Having watched over most of the battles that have gone through on Earth, he takes great interest in Combat, having just beginning to train in Martial Arts, he continues to do so Daily, someday wishing he too, could be a warrior. Overall, he sometimes resents his position as a Supreme Kai, but also takes advantage of it whenever he can. Although being as wise as he is, he struggles in making friends, not even socializing with the other Kai’s, he spends his time in his own chambers, watching over Earth like some sort of movie. He is, in fact, Anti-Social. This makes him a very peculiar Supreme Kai, nothing like the other Supreme Kai’s, he shows no interest in keeping balance of any sort, instead, he shows more interest in Martial Arts and Cultures, than doing his own job. Sadly, he is still forced to do his job, as failure to do so, would mean a great imbalance in his own Universe.

      Growing up, Karma soon became more responsible with his job, coming out of his shell, he began actually paying attention when others spoke to him, and when it was his time to do his job. But soon after this, a certain series of event’s caused Karma to change, drastically. During his past, he gained severe amnesia during an incident when travelling to the Mortal Realm, these events transpired in outer space, when being hit head on with a meteor in his early 50 000’s, he was knocked out for an un ordinarily long time, drifting across space for multiple millenia’s. Once the amnesia hit, Karma’s personality became increasingly more childish, and his intentions slightly more chaotic, he now felt as if the word revolved around him, and life was just some game. Everything he did and caused would merely be for his own benefit and entertainement, nothing else. Once arriving to Earth, his behavior became increasingly mischievous, going as far to disguise himself as an undercover Martial Artist, he attempts to now blend in with earth, and entertain himself, acting as one of Universe 7’s warriors.


      Karma, unlike many other Supreme Kai’s, has a very unusual appearance, his skin color is blue, and his eyes purple. He has short white spiky hair, and is considered to be a relatively short man. Everyday he wears the iconic Supreme Kai robe, sometimes switching into his custom made Gi when he is about to go out for his daily training session. His custom made Gi consists of a red belt, black leggings, and a black top with a strange insignia near the left side of his chest. This insignia highly resembles a birth mark that he has on his lower left shoulder blade, the birth mark being a Star with a Halo above it. Taking great admiration to this birth mark, he is seen traversing the lands with a Blue Halo levitating just above his head at all times, this Halo however, does not signify that he is dead, and is merely a cosmetic that can be taken off at any time. He is also equipped with a large staff, the size of it being modifyable to the user’s liking. Near the end of the staff holds a white crystal ball which can be detached and used to telephatically keep watch over certain individuals, or keep aware about events that are about to transpire. The staff itself though, is black, and has a special umbrella feature near the bottom, this feature can be used for either combat or when it’s raining out. Overall, he looks like a kid, but let not his appearance fool you, as he is fully capable of combat.


      His story begins at the World Tree, with his birth, the time of birth being somewhere inbetween the creation of the Tree and the great expansion of the universe. His birth began once a golden fruit emerged from the World Tree, and life soon came to him. Emerging from the Golden Fruit, he soon became a sentient being, who could breathe, speak, and even use Ki. Once born, Karma soon began his job as a Supreme Kai, working day and night, he trained while also learning the ways of a Kai, and how to maintain balance within this Universe. Nearing the age of 5 000, he had now become fully educated on his current situation, and his life link with the current God of Destruction. His mentor would then go on to teach him on how to properly do his job, on what to do, and what not do to, etc. Regardless, Karma ignored him, spending most of his days shut in his dorms, observing the universe and what it’s contents have in store for him. Nearing his 25 000th birthday, Karma soon began maturing, getting out of his old habits of training on the daily, watching over the Universe for his entertainment, and dressing up in weird Gi’s. Now matured enough to actually take his job seriously, he wanders Space, watching over multiple planets attentively… Little did he know of Space’s dangerous meteor clashes, and the comets shooting at near the speed of light. Suddenly, when out in space, recklessly scowering around, it hit him, no, not an idea, no, not a donut, a meteorite. Straight in the temple, the force of the collision sent him into a coma, and he drifted around space, wandering aimlessly til he eventually entered an atmosphere.

      Year ???

      Multiple millenia’s have passed, and Karma’s personality has changed drastically from the inside… Once arriving into Earth’s atmosphere, he makes a crash landing, landing near a giant crater in West City, he wakes up with only his Staff and his Gi, having woken up from an extremely long slumber, he finds that his appearance has yet to change, still highly resembling that of a childs, he finds that his Personality has also changed, reverted somehow, but he does not know how, or why?… He dosn’t know anything, for that matter, he’s completely confused. The only words that come to his mind… Amnesia?… Karma… Bell… Importancy. These words slowly began to fade away into a deep fog lodged in his head where his memory should be, as his new personality arose. He had become an increasingly childish individual, caring for nothing but himself, treating as the world revolves around him, he does anything and everything for his own benefit, despite being considerably weaker than others. Upon landing on earth, he wanders the endless wastelands, meeting many people, and learning of the wonderful thing they call Martial Arts, along the way, he meets someone named Bell, an interesting individual indeed, he dares not to approach him, though he’s grown a liking to him. Along with observing this mortal, he also observes another, going by the name of Icey. After having spectated the two, he comes to a conclusion that one will surely die, at the rate things are going, and his prediction was right, the outcome was Bell’s death, along with Icey’s growth in power and potential. Having witnessed the two clash, Karma becomes inspired, a new flame being ignited within himself, he now strives once more, to become a strong fighter… Once disguised as an undercover Martial Artist, his skin would become a light purple tint, and he’d have access to a whole new set of clothes. Along his road to becoming a greater Warrior, the Kai’s begin to investigate, suddenly recognize him as the Supreme Kai Karma, they begin to spread rumours of his mischievous activity on Earth, them now calling him by the name of… Supreme Kid of Crime. This is where his story begins, Karma will go on to explore the earth and all it’s mysteries, along with growing in strength, hopefully surpassing the great warriors of Universe 7, and preferrably gaining back his memories.


      Being born from the Kaiju fruit, Karma has always had an extremely high power level, being considered connected to the deity’s, he has a strong affinity for Ki Control, like all Shinjins. However, having been born as strong as they are, they aren’t the strongest in the universe, they are nowhere near the power of a G.O.D, and even mere mortals can surpass them in terms of Strength and Power. Thus, Karma continues to train, trying to catch up to the warriors of Universe 7

      Karma, being a Supreme Kai, has extremely high Ki Control, thus leading to his Ki Attacks to be visciously dangerous to any Mortal, though his Ki Attacks are on par with the fiercest of warriors, he does not let this get in the way of his Physical Training, he considers himself a Mixed Martial Artist.

      Unique Traits

      Godly Ki
      Being a deity, Karma posseses Godly Ki, this allows him to completely mask his power level, near to the point of where he is undetectable by any type of sensory, unless ofcourse the individual also has Godly Ki. (Not actual “God Ki”)

      Extended Lifespan
      Due to being born from a special golden fruit going by the name of Kaiju, Karma has an extremely elongated lifespan, due to being born from the Kaiju Fruit, his life span is highly above that of a Normal Kai, whose average lifespan is 75 000, his expected minimum life span, being 75 Million years of age.

      Life Link
      For the balance of the universe, Karma is linked to his respective God Of Destruction, thus meaning, if one dies, so does the other. This is to maintain the balance between creation and destruction of planets and life within the respective Universe.


      Like all Supreme Kai’s, Karma has the ability to mentally communicate with individuals from an extreme distance, also showing the capability of reading minds and sensing emotions. He also has a special crystal ball which can televise events for which he can view for himself.

      Through the small crystal in his staff, Karma gains the ability to observe events from incredible distances away, this range expands far beyond realms, and can be used to spy on earths warriors from the Kai Realm.

      Kai Kai
      Being born a Supreme Kai, Karma has had the natural ability to instantly travel to any place he pleases.

      Ki Barriers
      Having an extensive amount of Ki, Karma has always had the ability to conjure immensely strong Ki Barriers, these barriers protect him from harm.

      Karma has shown the ability to conjure a variety of objects, virtually anything he can think of.

      Karma’s ki has shown to have healing properties, this healing factor is so strong that it has the ability comparable to that of a senzu bean, arguably stronger.

      Potara Fusion
      Like all Supreme Kai’s, Karma is equipped with a pair of Potara Earrings, he has yet to use them though, as he fears being eternally fused with another being.

      (This Character is one I used for a previous DBC RP, and I’d like to bring it to this new one. If allowed to, i’d like to do some very interesting things with this character. If accepted, dm me on discord, and il talk more about it to you)

    • #40267

      All 3 of you have been accepted exept for deadmemay in which case I need your new discord as I believe you changed your name. I added the both of you on discord and I can get you in if you accept. I need your current discord deadmemay

    • #40268
      dajohn thomas

      I was accepted but i didn’t get a invite to the discord

    • #40269

      Let me add you as well

    • #40270
      dajohn thomas

      Discord: sin #9646

    • #42358

      • Name: MLG Goku / Trickshot Kakarot
      • Age: 420 Blazin it.
      • Appearance: Black Goku Hair, The Most MLG Clothing.
      • Race: 360 Noscope Saiyan’s.
      Alignment: A pro for shits and giggles.
      • Story: When the Omni King was bored and saw deviant art he knew what he must do. He created the most powerful being ever alive. MLG Goku was the realiest nigga around. MLG Goku at 5 years old was already god tier and smoking his first joint. MLG Goku lived with a old man known as My Nigga Grandpa Gohan. Soon he shot him and left the building with a thot. After he left that old raggy man’s house he thought he shoot up West City. After that he played COD and trickscoped fools. He fought in the most MLG Tournaments across the universe. Until his brother NAWH M8 Raditz showed up with his thot radar and fought MLG Goku. MLG Goku lost that fight and soon he realized he needed to use THE SECRET WEAPON. MLG Goku has to get a man known as Dealer Kaio. Dealer Kaio taught MLG Goku even more techniques on being a pro. The Kaio-Scope and the 420 Blazing-Bomb. NAWH M8 Raditz sadly died for not being MLG enough. MLG Goku broke out of the Ghetto World and somehow landed on South Namek. MLG Goku fought 5 enemies known as the Dab Force. MLG Goku easily beaten them all but soon found himself incredibly injured. MLG Goku soon drank his MTW soon he met his great opponent yet, Frieza Cube. Frieza Cube and MLG Goku fought each other until MLG Goku decided to GET GOOD. MLG Goku went into a stage known as 360 SCOPE SAIYAN. MLG Goku REKTED Frieza Cube and went back home after smoking on a planet known as Wrack Yardat. MLG Goku met another scrub known as Joint Cell. MLG Goku soon took the joints and one shotted Joint Cell for him not having his weed. MLG Goku then realized he was all out of those good joints. MLG Goku then found himself going to 2 new levels of GETTING GOOD known as 460 Scope Saiyan and 720 Scope Saiyan. MLG Goku fought his new enemy for his title known as Big Buu. Big Buu pushed MLG Goku into using his 420 Scope Blazing-Bomb which made MLG Goku become what only few known as a RAP GOD. MLG Goku continued this cycle of winning and rekting fools. MLG Goku then met his newest challenger known as Rap God of Bars Beerus and Weave Whis. MLG Goku got rekted on by Rap God of Bars Beerus soon after. MLG Goku never thought this would happen in all of his life. MLG Goku decided to get the MLG Snipers to help him and he summoned The Dank Dragon Shenron. Dank Shenron hooked MLG Goku with the Godly Liquid, MTW Red. Shenron then vanished and MLG Goku transformed into a Rap God Saiyan. Rap God of Bars Beerus realized what was gonna happen but MLG Goku still lost. Weave Whis would teach MLG Goku the way of mastering this new power. After a few hundred dank years later he went even more stronger at he then turned into 360 Rap God Saiyan. MLG Goku then fought a dope assassin know as Hit. Dope Hit and MLG Goku challenged each other but MLG Goku won the 1st round while Dope Hit won the last one. MLG Goku met up with the Omni King to get even more greater. MLG Goku noscope his original self and claimed the title of Goku. MLG Goku then asked the Omni King to start a tournament known as, Tournament of Trickshotting. The TOT it was called with many pros and TOT’s except one bae know as Bae Kefla. MLG Goku and everyone got rekted except one, Ugandan Jiren. Ugandan Jiren fought MLG Goku and MLG Goku turned back into a scrub. MLG Goku then realized he forgot his trump card. However that got MLG Goku rekted and he sadly got it shot back. Ugandan Jiren clucks were too strong. However MLG Goku learned of a new technique only the most MLG God’s could achieve. MLG Goku achieve a state known as FaZe MLG Goku. FaZe MLG Goku soon destroyed Ugandan Jiren by himself and took the Bae Kefla and SMASHED her. MLG Goku mastered and continued No Scoping scrubs. MLG Goku is best Goku. MLG Goku is unlike any god and surpassed the Omni King. Deal With It.
      Abilities: The Dope Kamehameha: A green Kamehameha.
      Get Good: Get’s good with each lost.
      360 Scope Saiyan: 360x Base. Green and LIT Hair. 460 Scope Saiyan: 460x 360 Scope Saiyan Sharper more shiny dope hair. 720 Scope Saiyan: 720x 460x Base and long dope ass hair with weed eyebrows.Rap God Saiyan: 420,000,000x Base. 360 Rap God Saiyan: 360,000,000x Rap God Saiyan, 360 Rap God Saiyan, Purple Hair. Kaio-Scope: Dank 360 noscoping skills multiply to the Dank Level of user. The 420 Blazing-Bomb is a bomb full of the dankest weeds. MLG Goku also uses his Dank Pole for 360 women’s pussy. MLG Goku is never complete.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      Name:Bllizter(Blizzard + Winter)
      Age:15(of life)
      Backstory:Netsui was the son of kuriza, but his father was never present. Therefore, he always stayed with his grandfather, coldness, that provided resistance training. Netsui could not take it, so one day he ran away from home, going to planet earth,for know than 5 saiyans be attacking:vegeta whit nappa and Hogo whit waru and surudan.he found 3 of this saiyans: Waru, Hogo and Surudan. He saw the fighting power of each of them in the scouter, and was impressed to know that the fighting power whas 100.But the power of Netsui was only 50. Without doubt, he had no chance, but he would not let the human beings suffer what he suffered, he would fight without fear against them. He used everything he learned in his training whit Frieza, but nothing was enough. One hour, he was on the verge of death, and then he began to scream, and his fighting power increased as his body grew larger and larger: he was much larger, with huge horns and recovered. had time to think in that way: He had to fight immediately. with Surudan who opened the guard of fear, sending him into space using a burst of ki. The other two immediately attacked him, knowing that his powers together was superior. Without doubt, Netsui was losing his fight. But a human tried to help He gave him a senzu beam and said, “Eat.” He ate without thinking and was healed. Upon seeing this, Hogo threw a ki stroke at this human, making him faint. Netsui was so angry that he went straight to his final form,using 100% of his power, but hid not have the same cold fatigue,being 300 of power level. He fainted both with just one blow, threw them to the ship and progamated her to go on another planet, a stranger a long way away.
      Apparence:Like frieza,but whit other colors:at the local from white,red,and at the local from purple yellow.
      Fighting style:Use the terrain at you favor,but use all than can at fight.Him principal Ki Attack are Omega Kamehameha
      Discord:I pass him if i be accept.

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