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    Dr. Thunder

    Welcome to…
    Dragon Ball: God Clash!
    We’re a decently established RP server that is very open towards new players. We also tend to accept application from even newer roleplayers to help them start off. We have unique RP abilities, goofy fun and we tend to hang out pretty often on the server.

    Applications should be sent onto our Discord server, we’ve recently opened a squad system for people to jump into when you start off. Now is a great time to start playing!

    – .: https://discord.gg/bNG8aXZ :. –

    The IP is on the discord server, along with our application info and I tend to post when I’m about to host a BIG event. Feel free to ask the admins or myself for help if you need us!

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    Dr. Thunder

    We now have a fully written out Guide for RP-ing on the server, and we’re gearing up for some new arcs.

    Come hang out if you’d like!

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