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    Hello everyone. Dragon Ball All has been around for a while and we have had some good times and not so great times. But I am making this to tell everyone who was kicked from the discord and wondering why the server is down why it is. We just got hacked today from the Ex Co Owner Arubion#3019 discord and his username is KnightWarGreymon. We won’t be remaking the server due to well he hacked it once and chances are he will just hack us again

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    I mean This Honestly isnt my place to intrude but Jin can legit check if a server got hacked, as Yall use PandaServ, Since your his Partner. Hell If you need I can get Helge To Talk To you and provide the logs, As Hacking Onto PandaServ is highly unlikely.

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    Essentially What Im saying is I dont believe this “Hacking” Story, I doesnt seem plausable, As I know PandaServ security is TIGHT…. So I highly Doubt that This actually happened.

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    You can’t say a host has tight security as it is entirely down to the client. If justin did anything to give the guy the password to the host account then they can get into it regardless of how “tight” pandaserv is.

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