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      Apolo Augury

      I would like to know exactly how these options work, and how they affect the game:

      # Server Sided! The chance (in percentage) for a player to receive the Legendary Status Effect every 20-30 mins, regardless of race. Can be from 0 to 100 (default: 10) and 0 will result in close to never. (This config will only be enabled if the ‘For every day a Lucky player’ config conditions are not met, furthermore setting this to 100 will result in the same effect as the ‘For every day a Lucky player’ config)
      I:”Status Effect – Legendary – Chance to get it”=10

      # Server Sided! Above this amount a player will be always selected to receive the Legendary status effect, regardless of race. Can be from 0 to 500 (default: 20) and 0 will result in always a player to receive it every 20-30 mins. (Setting this to 0 will disable the ‘Chance to get it’ config.)
      I:”Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player”=20

      Regards. ^ u ^

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      The first one is Obviously the Chance to obtain the legendary ki.

      Yet the second one I suppose its the.. amount of players able to obtain legendary I guess..

      I’m not entirely sure tho.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      the second are the time nedded for the legendary status apper.Are from 0 minutes to 500 minutes.20 = 1 day and 1 night of minecraft

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