Double the ki colors(and a patron idea at the bottom)

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    With the ki system update coming within the next few months, I figured why not put in my 2 cents(and another idea later in the post) is double the ki layers with blasts/auras.

    The aura’s:
    With the aura update I figured why not post about it? My idea on is is the same as probably alot of people. To make it double layered, whereas you first choose the inner layer in the ki color selection then the outer, or you can choose to have one layer. Whatever floats your boat. Next is this can come in handy for when Jin wants to make SSBlue beyond and UI(hopefully he doesn’t make UI anytime soon) for the inner layer can become the dots(?) As it can then rise slower than the outer.

    The ki techniques:
    I’ve looked at Black’s ki attacks, and noticed how they have the dark black “casing” around them, I figured why not put that into the update(if possible)? As where when you create a attack the outer layer you chose becomes the “casing” of your ki blast, the spiral around your spiral, the case to your wave, and the edge of your disc. And if you chose no second layer then you can just choose to have one(or not get one😂)

    That patron idea:
    The idea I had for the patron subscription was: why not make the G.O.D. aura what you can have as your base/transformation type that way we can get SOMETHING out of it. ‘Cause let’s face it. That would make that subscription worth it. Wouldn’t you think?

    Those are the 3 little idea’s I had. I want feedback please. And as you all know….


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    Yes! This is just great. I don’t know why it took so long for someone to say (maybe they did, idk).

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      I know I’ve never seen an idea like this

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