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      The skill

      First off the name, I titled this detransformation skill due to the feature being added with this but I am not sure on what a proper name could be ingame I was thinking of “Form Mastery” (Maybe you guys can help me with that, maybe something along the lines of “Form Revert” or “Form Conservation” Im bad at naming haha).

      I believe this skill should be taught by goku (and possibly vegeta aswell).

      This should only affect super form and God Form.

      Considering the importance of this skill but also the fact in the series this has been shown in its simplest form early on it should be for at least 20 – 50 mind per upgrade in my opinion (you guys can suggest your own amount as this is for public discussion anyway 🙂 )

      The premise

      The simple premise of this skill and what it should be able to do is a way of detransforming and transforming with efficiency in a fight to conserve ki and just make fights much more smoother other than jumping up to detransform and transform once you run out of juice.

      “But why a skill” you ask “shouldnt this just be a feature ingame anyway”. Well this is only a suggestion after all and I wouldnt mind it being just a feature ingame anyway.

      The Levels

      Again, this will only affect super form and god form.

      Now for the important part:
      Lvl 1 – 4
      For the Saiyan/Half Saiyan race this very slightly would increase the speed of going into super saiyan (only ssj/fpssj not ssj – grade 2/ssj2) and allow the powering down from e.g grade 3 to grade 2 or ssj2 to ssj)
      This only affects Super form 1 – 5 so they cannot power down from ssj3 to ssj2 but instead have to go to base and back up. They can only go form ssj2 to ssj at lvl 4

      The following races will have a slightly higher transformation speed increase than the saiyans overall:

      For Frieza race (Arcosians) it increases the speed of powering up to 5th form and also the steps from minimal up.

      For Humans and Namekians Full release speed of transformation will increase. Their buff and giant form however will not feel the affect at all and will stay at their speeds.

      Lvl 5 – 7
      This will allow Saiyans/half Saiyans to power down from ssj3 into ssj2 and ssj BUT with a catch. To power down from ssj3 into ssj2 it will take 1/4 of the time it takes to power up into ssj3.
      At lvl 6 it now allows them to go from ssj3 to ssj if they hold the button set to “detransform” and shift

      For Arcos Ultimate form should gain a minute increase in transformation speed (something barely – slightly noticeable)

      For humans and namekians this will give a slight increase to their transformations speed

      Lvl 8 – 9
      This will increase the speed of transformation for Non Saiyan races God Forms.

      For Saiyans this slightly increase the speed of transformation to ssj4.
      At lvl 8 it will also remove the previously established ssj3 1/4 detransform wait time but transforming into ssj3 will be the same speed as normal.

      Lvl 10
      For all races this allows the quick change from lvl 1 and 2 God form with efficiency (Think of it like goku and vegeta in the manga changing from blue to god or with goku in the tournament of power).

      For Saiyans/Half Saiyans this should not only allow you to revert from blue to god (if you have superform set to SSGod for saiyans) but also substantially speed up transforming from SSJGod to Blue by a bit (Not Base – SSJG) however ssjb to god will have a slight delay.

      With other races God Form it should speed up the transformation to God Form faster than Base – SSJG and SSJG – Blue for saiyans and half saiyans.

      So what do you guys think? Leave your ideas and suggestions about this below. These buffs to transformation speed will not be severely drastic and broken (well maybe for lvl 10……).

      By svx

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      Well, it could always be hold G to go back to SSG to be able to go faster(GOT A GO FEST) in between SSB/R and god. Since Goku can transform near instantly between the two, probably for lvl10 though


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      I have personally always wanted a Form Mastery mechanic in DBC. As a suggestion, maybe add in Form Mastery lowering the drain/strain of transformations as well? I for one would make it so forms like Super Saiyan have heavy strain when you exit it with no Form Mastery but the more mastery you have, the less strain the form has, the easier is to enter and the less drain there is to maintain the form. In exchange, add in more skills that would positively impact the use of your base form. For example, make it so transforming into a god form is limited to Saiyans, other races can simply enter a state (similar to Mystic) where they use their God Ki and they can upgrade it to be stronger. You could also have skills like Time Skip, Maximum Light Speed, Ultra Instinct, Destruction and so on, that are all rather expensive to unlock.

      Basically, Form Mastery is expensive but extremely potent as a skill, it would mainly compliment Saiyans and Arcosians but you can simply neglect transformations to instead focus on learning extremely powerful skills that augment your base form’s abilities. Form Mastery would be pretty much required to access and use transformations reasonably.

      So I imagine it like this:

      Level 1 Mastery = Ascended (Easier SS and power-weighted SS)
      Level 2 Mastery = Ultra/5th Form (Easier SS and access to power-weighted ASS /Easier 5th)
      Level 3 Mastery = Mastered Super Saiyan (Mastered SS)
      Level 4 Mastery = Super Saiyan 2 (Equivalent to a Level 1 Mastery SS in ease of use)
      Level 5 = Super Saiyan 3 (Harder than SS2 but much easier to wield than before)
      Level 6 = Super Saiyan 4 (Access to Super Saiyan 4)
      Level 7 = Super Saiyan God (Can access SSG naturally with the God Ki skill)
      Level 8 = Super Saiyan Blue/Rose (Can use Blue/Rose with God Ki skill)
      Level 9 = Kaio-Ken Blue/Rose (Lowers the strain enough to use Kaio-Ken with SSGSS to a certain extent, also unlocks Form switching between God and Blue/Rose which resets the strain of SSGSS)
      Level 10 = Blue Evolution

      Humans would lose their transformations. Namekians would only have the Great Namek form, so basically these two races would have no reason to learn form mastery and would instead master skills like Kaio-Ken, Mystic, God Ki, UI, Destruction, Time Skip, Light Speed Mode, Power-Weighted and so on. Not to mention Fusion (Including Namekians having Namek Fusion as a racial skill)

      Saiyans and Arcosians could reasonably choose to not learn transformations and instead focus on enhancing their base forms like Humans and Namekians generally would.

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      Already kinda exists, Hold 2fn while charging in a transformation

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